#Vote4Monday’s blog topic (week 1)

Vote4monday’s blog topic is a new concept I thought of this week, that will be an on-going weekly event!   Every week (either on Thursday or Friday) I’ll post a *VOTE4MONDAY* [category] with 4 different blog topic options for you to choose (1) to vote for.


My inspiration was to figure out a way to engage my readers *ahem* you, to participate more in the ‘comments’ section and vote for a topic that you find interesting.  I would like to get more readers and voters too, of course!
After you vote, feel free to include other topics of interests that you would like me to consider for next week’s voting session!  🙂

By 4a.m. Monday morning, the topic with the most votes is the topic I’ll be writing about for Monday.  Woohoo!
This gives you a bit of control over what I write about too…

[See: submission form below and copy and paste to the comment section]

So without further ado: choose one of the topics below

  1. Sneak-peak recipe (from the cookbook) -option one
    Snacks: Sweet Yellow Curry Cashews
    Recipe includes how to make and pictures
    Never before released to the public from the BestFood4Life cookbook [in progress]!
  2. Eggs are freaking awesome! 
    Learn the difference between eggs ‘types’ and why they are so healthy!
    Find out what nutrients are available from eggs and how those vitamins help your overall health.
    Also, to yolk or not to yolk?  THAT is the question that everybody’s asking…find out the answer in this blog post.
  3. Calcium Supplements are HARMFUL?!
    Learn why taking calcium supplements actually do more harm than good.
    Magnesium and Calcium are both friends and enemies. [explained]
    Take steps to prevent harmful bone fractures and diseases like Osteoporosis, a crippling bone disease.
    What to eat and how to get your calcium intake safely and effectively!
  4. Sneak-peak recipe (from the cookbook) -option two
    Desserts: Frozen chocolate nut’n’butter cups
    Recipe includes how to make and pictures
    Never before released to the public from the BestFood4Life cookbook [in progress]!

It’s EASY!
(Just copy between the dotted lines, below, and paste to the comment section.)
#VOTE4Monday#[choose a topic 1-4]!

Want to add more to your #VOTE4MONDAY comment?
(Choose whatever you want and copy and paste to comment section)
Next time, I’d love to learn about: [fill out a topic that interests you]

What interests me most is: [choose one- a, b, c, d,e]
a. Food!  Gimme’ more to grub on! (more recipes)
b. I love health facts! (increase your knowledge of random health facts)
c. Help me heal myself! (learn how the power of nutrients can heal you)
d. Natural beauty products please! (product reviews, do or don’ts, toxins, & doiturself)
e. Replace my…(out with the old & in with best products to replace those toxic ones.)


Don’t forget to ask your friends to help you vote too!

I look forward to hearing your feedback and of course finding out what I’ll be writing about Monday! 🙂


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