#VOTE4MONDAY’s Topic Reveal & Winner (Week 1)

Alright!  Well, the results from #Vote4Monday topic are in and looks like the…
Sweet Curry Cashews won 1:0!  🙂  Thank you for voting!

Sweet Curry Cashew REVEAL Photo

I know this number will increase as time continues on and I add more content to my blog, increasing both the readers and followers. Sweet Curry Cashews are a delicious and savory treat for everyone! I love these, my husband loves these, and anyone who has tried them has loved them so much they usually end up gone the same day I make them.  So, while I will say that these are healthy they are also VERY addicting. There could be worse things to be addicted to though, so don’t fret if you eat them all. Healthy?  Yes!  As always my goal with the food I make is to not only be amazingly delicious it’s got to be amazingly healthy too.

  • Healthy side note: While I agree that food is an energy and nutrient source, I don’t think it should necessarily taste the way society has subjected ‘healthy’ food to look and taste.  Healthy food should be food we love and look forward to not only eating but making as well. Since the dawn of time, man/woman has had an emotional connection with food [citation needed].  From the way it was hunted, to the way it formed families and communities, food has made a major impact on the emotional connection we’ve made to our lifestyle choices.  For years now we’ve built up this very emotional psychological relationship with the way food tastes while nearly neglecting what it’s doing to our bodies and it’s showing through all of our ailments and diseases.  It’s important that your body can do something with the ingredients that are being put inside and not just store it or pass it through like a waste storage facility.  It pays off to pay attention to the kinds of sugars and salts that are in our diets.  Finding salts that are high in minerals like Real Salt and Himalayan Salt offer nutritional boosts that make eating this salt better for your body than table salt. As well as, finding sugars that are high in minerals Like Coconut Palm Sugar (unrefined coconut sugar) and Coconut Nectar (a liquid syrup).  Pay attention to the Macro-Micro Nutritional Information. As the more complex the sugar is, the more work (calories) your body has to do in order to break down the content. 
    • The truth about Salt: No matter what we’re told about salt from the media the truth is, our body needs salt but most of our diets are too high in sodium.  Pay attention to where your sodium intake is ‘sourced’ from.  Fast foods, pre-packaged frozen foods, and ingredients that are high in sodium really spike up your salt intake.  Also most of those added salts are generic salts that do not have a high mineral content.  Most salts do not supply you with Iodine anymore so if you are deficient in iodine consider taking a good supplement in order to get your daily iodine intake.  People who suffer from PCOS should really consider this as it helps in balancing those hormones.
    • The truth about Sugar: Sugars that are not highly refined or processed are better for your body to digest, but supplementing white sugar or high fructose corn syrup for beet or cane sugar isn’t enough.  We should all be paying attention to the amount and complexity of the sugar we are using in a recipe.  That’s why molasses and honey are used in a lot of healthy recipes, they require less and in order to obtain that ‘sweet’ flavor and are more complex nutritionally.  However, not all sugar substitutes are treated the same and some of those may not be the best options for you.  For example, if you have diabetes, honey isn’t the best substitute for you.  However, coconut nectar or liquid stevia are a much better option.  Check out low-glycemic sugars and eat all sugars with proteins and fats so your body can balance out the rate of absorption.

You’ve been patient, so now I’ll move on with the recipe.  I’m very excited to share this with you and I hope it generates some interest and feedback!

Recipe: Sweet Curry Cashews


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