#Vote4Monday’s topic (Week 2)


Getting ready for the weekend?  I know I am!
I’m also looking forward to Monday’s topic…

This week we’re definitely doing the ‘topic-vote’ again, but things will be a little different.

Last week, you got to choose from the topics I thought of.  This week, I get to choose from the topics YOU think of.  That’s right, whatever topic interests you in the health field, you got a question about a supplement or mineral, you want to know about a diet fad, you want another recipe, or you got a subject that you’d like to know more about ‘health-related’… post your comment “entry” for your chance at getting your topic voted on!


I’ll review the topics, in the comment section over the weekend.
Monday, I’ll post the results of who WON and what topic I voted for!

I’m so excited to see your entries!  So give me as many topics as you want, there’s no limit to how many topics you can give me to choose from! 🙂

Want to know how to vote?
It’s easy!
Just write: #VOTE4MONDAY [enter your topic choice/s]
**That way I know it’s not just a general comment like: I LOVE your blog Jem! ;)**

Photo Information:
This week’s #Vote4Monday picture is brought to you by, my silly awesome husband!

Last week was our puppy when he was a 3 months old/35 lbs. and is now a 100lb. 1 year old Akita…YIKES! 😉


2 thoughts on “#Vote4Monday’s topic (Week 2)

  1. Alexis Cooper says:


    I would love to read a blog about healthy eating on the go. I’ve conquered all of the healthy eating hurdles besides when I want to have a date night or meet a friend for lunch or have a day of errands and no time to pack a healthy lunch. Talk about what to look for at your average restaurant, different tips and options. Your personal experience with eating out. What I should be cautious of or avoid. Are there any restaurants that actually offer healthy options? Or anywhere that you can grab a snack that isn’t your local market’s produce section. I almost always pack healthy options but say I’m in a jam and have 5 minutes to between errands to grab and go with no produce markets around I.e. Near shopping malls etc. thanks for the consideration! Love reading your blog!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Jem says:

      Oooh Love this option Alexis!!!!
      Great topic choice and one I’ve encountered hundreds of times especially when I go on road trips.
      Thanks for submitting!

      See voting results posted Sunday evening/Monday morning and post topic response on Monday afternoon.
      Yay! 🙂


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