#Vote4Monday’s Topic Reveal & Winner (Week 2)

This week we did things a little different and I had you come up with topic options for me to choose for #Vote4Monday’s topic!


This week’s Winner is: Alexis! Here’s what she wrote:


I would love to read a blog about healthy eating on the go. I’ve conquered all of the healthy eating hurdles besides when I want to have a date night or meet a friend for lunch or have a day of errands and no time to pack a healthy lunch. Talk about what to look for at your average restaurant, different tips and options. Your personal experience with eating out. What I should be cautious of or avoid. Are there any restaurants that actually offer healthy options? Or anywhere that you can grab a snack that isn’t your local market’s produce section. I almost always pack healthy options but say I’m in a jam and have 5 minutes to between errands to grab and go with no produce markets around I.e. Near shopping malls etc. thanks for the consideration! Love reading your blog!

Yes, eating healthy on the go can be quite the challenge.  I can definitely relate, as both my husband and I have encountered situations of eating healthy while travelling countless times!  Including travelling to New York, where I had to preform at the Hard Rock Café in Times Square, New York City.  I couldn’t eat ANYTHING that wasn’t strictly within my diet regimen because I needed my body to be at most the top shape so I could handle the pollution and other elements around me.  In Washington State, with all these trees we really do have a lot to be thankful for, especially when you travel outside and into a cement city where the only trees are sandwiched between cement sidewalks.  A totally different atmosphere and my voice couldn’t be affected by it, period.  We also go on a ton of road trips, hiking excursions, and are constantly in situations where we can’t drive to our safe home and eat our safe food. I love this topic and I am sure many other people encounter this often!  Eating out with friends & family especially!  Food brings people together and restaurants are a great way to make sure that connection happens. I’ll talk about all this and more in the blog post: How to eat healthy on the go!


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