Pregnancy week 19 & 20 (update)

My one sentence thought about pregnancy so far… Some weeks truly are better than others!

(My belly at 19 weeks pregnant…a serious looking baby bump this day, some days it doesn’t stick out as far.  It’s very odd. )-Baby-Bump-Week-19

Last week, week 19, I was definitely starting to feel the mommy “nesting instinct”… We still had the Christmas decorations up and the tree was still sparkling beautifully under the warm light of our cozy home.  Up to this point, I had been reminiscing of how wonderful this past Christmas was and how lovely this past holiday season felt.  Scott (my wonderful husband) and I had talked about taking down the Christmas stuff, but neither of us were all that motivated to do it.  This past Christmas was a special one to remember.

(Picture taken a few days before Christmas 2014)Christmas 2014

For the first time in many years, we both enjoyed Christmas to the utmost possibility.  No family drama, no sticky residue of painful past holiday memories, instead one that left an almost magical spell over us.  It’s no wonder we weren’t in a hurry to leave the sparkling decorations up past the 1st of the year….onto the second week… the third… maybe we would have it up around Valentine’s Day… ***Car breaks screeching to a stop*** That is until the nesting instinct struck me like a ton of bricks!  I realized that once I started getting into the nursery project and my third trimester, I wasn’t going to have time to deal with the odds & ends around the house.  Which meant that all the projects I could think of, had to be completed.  Including this internal drive to change the color feel of the house because I was so done with red and green.  Wait, wasn’t I just admiring them the week before?

(Seriously even the ‘spring-like’ green pillows were too Autumn/Winter for me.)  Pillow

Spring colors!!  I had to have spring colors like a junkie needs a fix.  Now, usually with each season I’ll change a few things like add a couple ‘spring’ center pieces to the dining table, change up the color of the placemats, shift things around… things like that, but this… this was a monster of a different breed.  One that was also rubbing off on my husband as the same weekend we took down the tree we did a complete clean-out on the fridge.  We pulled out all the components, did a spotless cleaning job (even on the glass pieces) and re-organized everything in the fridge.  Then proceeded to the rest of the house…yeah it was a busy start to the week to the max!  Though, I guess we got our Spring cleaning out of the way.  🙂

During the previous week, week 18, I started my first pregnancy Yoga class which went pretty well.  I felt like it was good conditioning for prepping the body to get ready to use the muscles both during pregnancy and labor.  Starting off the week with a good solid spring cleaning thrusted my week into overdrive.  I was running around from store to store looking for the best prices/options for everything.  I even got smarter with buying baby stuff which can be really expensive, because you have to start from scratch with everything.  Baby’s also need so much stuff! WOW!  There’s at least 10 options for almost everything out there. Strollers, baby carriers, high-chairs, cribs, mattresses, car seats, diapers, breast pumps, etc..etc..  Luckily I know some people who are pointing me in the right direction with purchasing the best options and not getting suckered into buying all the gadgets new mom’s may think they need.  This included the introduction to consignment shops.

I was a little hesitant at first, being a new mom and all, but that went away once I felt secure enough to just ‘check it out’.  SO glad I did!!  There are some pretty damn good deals at consignment shops!  Some things are brand new and others look practically brand new!  The clothing has to be cleaned anyway, so what does it matter that it’s been worn before?  Oh no, baby germs!  Haha

I found really cute outfits for as little as $1 a piece!  And I thought finding a 3 piece outfit at the mall for $10 was a good deal!   🙂  It just makes sense to look around and check out consignment shops.  You never know what you are going to find. For example, I was looking around everywhere for a large plush flower for this idea that I had for the nursery.  While looking for baby clothes and odds and ends at children stores, target, Hallmark, mall shops, and craft stores I kept my eye out for this flower I had in mind–yet, found nothing remotely close.  I walk into this consignment shop and look around at baby stuff, finding many things but no flower so I gave it a final go and asked the owner if she had any large stuffed flowers, figured if anything she might know where I could get one.  She thought for a minute and said “I think I have a large flower over by the toy section” we walked back there and sure enough.. wrapped around the pole was the exact flower I had in mind.  Bright, Colorful, and in Brand New condition for $1.25!!!  So, you see, you never know what you may find.  You may even find what you’ve been looking for. 🙂 Officially I’m hooked on consignment shops.  I’ve only been to one so far, but I have been scouting out surrounding areas for other ones and recently found 3 more in Issaquah, Wa.  It’s really cool too because they are all over the place, which means we’re bound to run into them on our many road trips and you can’t beat the prices!  Win, Win!

I would definitely say that this week was my most productive week of the pregnancy.   I learned a lot, shopped a lot, did a lot of running around, researching, completed tons of home projects,  price comparisons, cleaning, bought enough 3-6 month baby clothes to last me a while and even got some spring colors in the house!   I was really happy with how productive the week was and was looking forward to week 20.

Before I move to week 20, I wanted to show you a comparison of week 17 and week 19.  I wore the close to the same outfit so you could see the difference.  Unfortunately, this is not the best outfit to show ‘results’ of pregnancy but it is what I was dressed in when I took my week 17 photo which is the point of why I took this comparison picture.


Week 20 didn’t start too well.  I got a big kick in the face of what pushing yourself when your pregnant feels like.  Not only did I accomplish all that and a bag of chips in one week I thought it would be awesome to go on a hike on Sunday because FINALLY there was some sun!  I love hiking and practically begged for it all winter!  Winter-hiking in Washington closer to the west coast is not impossible, just ugly.

Hiking during rainy seasons in Washington State explained: Before I begin, let me make one thing clear. Spring, Autumn and Winter in Washington state = rain. Winter season holds the worst kind of rain the unforgiving cold, thick wet, rain.  Which is nice if you love to watch it from your warm cozy dry home.  If you plan to hike, however, it’s a totally different story.  We have hiked several times in the rain, with really nice rain gear too and wound up completely drenched.  Have you tried to hike for hours in the rain? Ain’t pretty.  Last time we did an 8 hour hike, it started to drizzle halfway through and then all of a sudden torrential downpour.  I was walking in a puddle in my shoes for 2-3 hours straight.  I certainly gained a new type of respect for the Vietnam veterans who trudged through swamps for days on end.  I don’t know how they did it, after 3 hours I was already getting blisters.

We did learn a very valuable lesson from that hiking experience: If there is a chance of rain, and there is always a chance of rain in Wa, always pack a raincoat, rain pants, gators, waterproof pack protector and waterproof hiking boots.  Umbrella? Forget about it, does nothing here.  A raincoat, waterproof pack cover, and awesome waterproof boots will not suffice.  (learned that the hard way on that)  It doesn’t even matter if you have the best jacket, backpack, and boots on the market, when the legs get wet it’s all over…as the water trickle, trickle, trickles to your ankles..  heels.. then toes and you feel it like a bad scary movie too, real slow.  So, trust me when I say if you are planning on going on a beautiful hike in Washington and all the hiking is beautiful always be prepared for the worst.

On a positive note, in the spring and autumn even if it’s raining it doesn’t mean it will rain all day.  Sometimes you’ll be in a thick rainstorm one minute and the next the sun will be peaking out and you’ll be removing layers.  It does have an island charm to it most months!  Just be careful the winter months because when it rains it doesn’t plan to stop.

Where was I?  Oh yes, we finally went on a hike last Sunday.  The weather forecast was sunny with a 0% chance of rain.  I’ll take that!  We hiked close to where we live so we could get a nice warm-up for the spring hiking we would do this year.  From now on out I’m pretty sure we’re going to be doing as much hiking as we can since we’re through most of the harder winter-rain months.  There are so many places to hike in this state alone, but we do enjoy a good road trip with our hike too.  Soon we are planning on hiking Ape Canyon in Mt. St. Helens, which we almost made it to during our Summer hike around the Volcano (via the Loowit Trail #216) but decided that 25 miles was enough for us for one weekend.  Ape Canyon is pretty unique and because it’s about a 5 hour drive to the south side of Mt. St. Helen’s we’ll most likely stay the night before hiking in the morning.  In the morning we’ll be refreshed and have the energy to take lots of pictures while we venture the canyon.

Wow, I’m off track again day-dreaming about hiking…

Monday I was exhausted.  I spent all my energy the week before and what little I had remaining I gave to the hike.  My legs were killing me, my heel still hurt from Yoga the week before (because no doubt I was using muscles I hadn’t used in a long time), and emotionally I felt spent.  My hormones must have been all over the place because I didn’t feel centered.  I dragged through the day, hoping it would get better.  Tuesday was actually worse.  My hormones were completely off, I was feeling overly stressed and upset.  I waded through work and did my best to stay on track.  I had no hunger, I barely ate breakfast, and I waited until 3p.m. to have lunch.  I could tell I was drained but didn’t realize how much it affected me until it caught up with me.  After my husband came home I started to cheer up a little bit, got my appetite back and was starting to feel more normal.  We watched the movie “Fury” last night and it was alright…but, most importantly it allowed my brain to take a break and my body to rest.  This morning I felt a LOT better!  I’m back to my happy functioning self and having a much more positive outlook.  I’m being super productive (even writing a blog) and doing work at the same time!  I’m getting ready to post about a new recipe too!  This one is a dessert recipe, so keep your eye out for that one.  It’s REALLY good!

In ending, I’ll post a picture of my Week 20 Belly.  I had a little fun with this collage of pictures.
They are ‘selfies’ what can I say? 😉  Plus, I love this outfit I made up!


Hope you enjoyed this blog post!!


4 thoughts on “Pregnancy week 19 & 20 (update)

  1. Alexis Cooper says:

    Motherhood is a roller coaster with many ups and downs but you will find that the ups will make the downs dissapear! I read a lot of positive things in this post and I think you are doing a great job at life right now. Half way there!! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • Jem says:

      Yes and you are very inspiring! Did I also mention you are oh so savvy at being a mom too! Love your tips and help! Thank you for reading my post. It means a lot to me. ❤


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