#Vote4Monday’s Topic (week 3)


Yes, it’s almost weekend time!  Time to get some work done and enjoy the beautiful sun in Washington state.  Saturday we’re going to bask in the sun on another hike and get some more house work done!  Sunday, is Superbowl Sunday, so of course we’ll be… ON THE ROAD!  Let’s see.. no one will be on the road so that sounds like a perfect time to take advantage of the zero traffic we’ll encounter.  Where are we going?  I have no idea but as long as it’s not football related and doesn’t contain the blue/neon green colors… who cares? I just hope everyone is having fun at home while we are enjoying the open road. 😀

I also hope ya’ll find some time this weekend to VOTE4MONDAY’s topic! #VOTE4MONDAY_Week3

If you aren’t familiar with how this works, let me give you a quick run-through.  It’s simple.  This week, I’m posting blog topic options that you get to choose from for your vote.  Whatever topic gets the most votes, is the topic I discuss on Monday.  Next Friday, you get to submit topic requests that I get to vote for.  It alternates week to week.

All you have to do to vote is choose a topic option and submit it below in the comment section.  (All votes need to have the #Vote4Monday before the topic choice, so I know it’s a vote)

Instructions on submitting a vote
In the comment section below, post: #Vote4Monday [choose an option 1-4]

Alright!  Now that that we all know how this works, let’s get to the topics!

  • Option 1. Beauty (makeup) tips: (inspirational)

Harmful chemicals that are common in most mascaras along with tips on what/where to buy mascara that is healthier for your eyes.

  • Option 2.  Health Facts: (educational)

Water plays a major role in the health of your body.  Not just physical functioning but preventing and treating many diseases like: eczema, rheumatism, gastric disorders, high/low blood pressure, depression, fatigue, obesity, urinary infections and so much more!  Learn why it’s so important and what raising intake of water can help your body do.

  • Option 3. Live Foods!  (including a recipe)

Make lacto-fermentation part of your life and include it in your kitchen!  Learn how to preserve nutrient-dense live foods packed with enzymes and natural probiotics with fresh vegetables and fruit. (Quick lesson) Includes a delicious recipe that will introduce you easily to preserving foods and enjoying healthy natural probiotic foods!

  • Option 4. Simple Raw Brownies that are Fun, Fast & Easy to make!  (Recipe)

OMG!  These brownies are too good to be true!  Delicious, Raw, packed with nutrients and did I mention they can be made in about 10 minutes?  *faints*

Need I say more?  Recipe, includes pictures and easy instructions.

Alright, that’s it!  Now it’s time to #VOTE4MONDAY’s Topic.

Have fun!!!



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