The Nursery and coming up with a theme! (The beginning)

When we first started to look around at nursery ideas Scott and I were a little disappointed to say the least.  Our tastes are a bit more eclectic than the average person and it doesn’t help that I’m an artist through to the soul.

Besides health and nutrition, my other passion is painting.  I love painting!  I’ve been thinking about creating another (separate) blog that will have all my artwork featured in it as a gallery only, that’s in the future.  For now, I’m focusing on completing tasks at hand and there is plenty to do!  I really don’t need to add to that plate, but it is a goal of mine!

Back to the nursery ideas…We saw a few things that were cute but most left us feeling empty.  I wanted to feel connected to the story and the life that was surrounding our little baby as she grew into a little girl.  I also wanted something that aligned with who we were as people too.  Something magical and fun!  When I was a little girl, I would escape into my imaginary world and create all sorts of magical things that surrounded me.  As an adult, I have the power to do that in real life and what better place than to express that magical land than my very own daughter’s room??

While shopping at Whole foods, Scott and I came across a book series with artwork that really appealed to both of us.  The books were next to these stuffed characters that looked like the front cover of the books.  I couldn’t put my finger on it, but every time I went to the store and walked past it I was really drawn to the books.  I hadn’t even read them, yet!

A couple weeks after looking through nursery ideas and not finding anything, I finally let it go.  I was tired of thinking about it and I told Scott that I’m just going to let it come to me.  I think he even mentioned that concept a few times during the moments I was really overthinking it.  So, I did.  I left it up to the Universe to guide me as I was open and willing.

The next day while at Whole Foods I saw that book again.  This time I walked up to the book and decided I was going to read it.

The monster in the bubble

I opened the book and immediately I was draw to the life of the colors and artwork.  As I continued to read I started to recognize the emotions that this monster was feeling and of course began to cry.  *cleanup on aisle 9*

It was truly a touching book.  The story was inspirational and explored emotions in a very playful yet serious way.  No doubt I was getting this book and there were many other books too!   Then it hit me…the nursery theme should be THIS!  Excited I couldn’t wait to see my husband so I could purpose this idea.  I knew he had already enjoyed the artwork but I wanted him to connect to the story too!  So, at home we sat on the couch and then I read it aloud to him.  Of course I did tear up while reading it too. (I wonder if I’ll be able to read it to the little one without crying…)  I think I even saw a tear in my husband’s eyes.

Well, needless to say he agreed and the next day I went on the Worry Woo website and ordered the first big purchase for the nursery… the theme!  🙂  I ordered all the books and all the stuffed animals that went with the books.  So you can imagine I was excited when the BOX arrived!!

Worry Woo BoxWorry Woo Wince Back of PosterWorry Woo Bag

Worry Woo Open Collection

Worry Woo Wall hangings 2 Worry Woo Wall hangings

There was a poster and a bag included that I didn’t specifically order.  The bottom 2 pictures are prints on canvas of each character that was available, only 4 of the 6.  I’ll keep my eye out for the other 2 as they may be in production!

So, let’s introduce the characters…

I must start with the inspiration of all to come Mr. Squeek the monster of innocence.
Isn’t he SO cute!?

Worry Woo 5

Next monster, Miss Nola the monster of loneliness…

Worry Woo 2

and Rue, he’s the monster of insecurity…

Worry Woo 1

Fuddle, the monster of confusion…

Worry Woo 3

Wince, the monster of worry AND the worry bug as the worry bug!

Worry Woo 4

and last but not least Twitch, the monster of frustration…
(coming soon, I got the stuffed character but for some reason not the book, book is on order)

So, as you can see there are a lot of monsters!  Something also tells me that the author isn’t going to stop making monsters either, so hopefully this will be something we can collect over the years!  🙂

When I first came up with the idea, I knew that I wanted to have the characters on a shelf on the wall next to the animal that corresponded with the book, but what I didn’t know was that I would be SO inspired by the book that not only would it be the general theme, I’d paint the walls to match some of the scenes from the books!  That’s where the artist in me gets to jump for joy at this awesome challenge!

This week, I’ve cleared off my calendar (for the most part) and I’ve been prepping and working on the room that will be the nursery!

Fortunately, the room was a guest room and not something like an office.

A picture of our guest room, one last time before it is transformed.  *sniff* part of me will miss you guest room.  The other part of me is READY for the new adventure!! WOO HOO!

(The paintings were done by yours truly)

Except, after a lot of baby shopping needing a place to store things for the house transformation, the guest room ended up looking like this:


Moving on from the guest room will be a wonderful thing because the room will actually have SO much more life in it!  We’ll be getting a daybed that she can move to after her crib days and that way when Nana comes, she’ll have a place to sleep.  🙂

Grandpa will too, if he ever finds time to make it across the country! 😉

This is the start of the process of transforming the guest room into a nursery!  I’ll keep you posted with updates so you can watch the transformation unfold before your very eyes.  This week, I’ll be very busy with painting and working on the nursery.  The next post I’ll show you the tools I got and setting everything up to paint.

Thanks for reading my blog, talk to ya’ll soon!



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