Pregnancy Week 21

This week, I’ve been hard at work on the nursery.  So far I’ve got 2 walls and 1/3 ceiling close to being done.  I still have a closet, another wall, the closet wall, inside the closet (ceiling/walls) and the area by the window.  Sounds like a lot but it will end up getting done soon enough.  Monday Nana comes over and is going to help paint, hopefully I’ll have the other two walls done so she can paint the trim and then the door white.  Lots to do.

This weekend Mr. husband and I will be working on the nursery mostly focusing on the closet.  For a while I was trying to figure out what to do with the closet doors, they are really bulky and kinda ugly.  We could paint them OR we could put up some cute curtains.  Curtains win! 🙂  I kind of toyed with different things to paint in the closet, but then realized that it’s a closet and once the shelving is in no one is going to see it.  Instead we’ll paint it some fun bright yellow/orange colors and then install the closet system.  I’m actually really excited about getting the closet finished because that means I can hang up and organize the closet even sooner! *eee*

I’ve been taking pictures of the progress of the nursery and I’ll post them once everything is complete.  I like work to be seen once it’s completed.  🙂

As for the pregnancy, I am feeling her move around more and more.  Her kicks are getting a little stronger but I still can’t feel them on the outside.  I’m getting more round and my hunger is pretty much the same as it was last week.  My face still seems to be the same size and my belly is getting harder.  I think she may be moving up a little this week too, which is good as she was nestling really low down there.  I can tell that I don’t have as much energy as normal.  While painting a room is normally pretty exhausting, I can definitely feel the difference.  I’m quite literally zapped of everything.  It’s like when I wake up, I’m allotted a certain amount of umph! for the day and should I choose to do that painting well…good luck for the rest of the day!

I term that feeling Zootered. 😉
(Although I just looked up the exact definition of “zootered” as I thought I just made it up.. and there’s actually a definition for it from urban dictionary.  For the record, no drugs or alcohol were used in the process of my being zootered.)

Picture from this week-Pregnancy Week 21.


As for life, I’ve still been working on getting the odds & ends together around the house.  The house has gotten even messier with the nursery being worked on.  Our room has a lot of stuff in it that I can’t wait to put back into the nursery once the room is completed.  There is still much to do before the baby arrives but we’re all so very excited!  I found this really cute monkey toy which will be her second toy purchased, the first was a rubber ducky that tells whether the bath water is too hot. (pretty nifty stuff!)

It’s ALSO getting closer to that time of the year, love-day!  (although, I do not limit love-day to only one time a year.  It’s just another fun holiday to me.)

I really wanted to schedule a romantic hot-air balloon ride which would have been even cuter since one of the scene’s in the nursery is of a hot-air balloon, but the prices are really high!   $600-$900.  Not going to happen, not with all the baby shopping still left to do.  However, it would be really awesome!  🙂  We’ll probably be going on a road trip and do something cute.  Sometimes just going with the flow and seeing where the road takes you can lead to fun adventures.

Does anyone have any exciting plans for Valentine’s day??

Thanks for reading my blog!


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