Nursery Update (End of Week One)

I hope everyone had a great and productive weekend- I know we definitely did! Saturday and Sunday was really productive at the Robert’s house.  For our plans over the weekend, we knew that we wanted to paint the closet and install the shelves.  Friday we spent some time trying to figure out what to paint in the closet as well as what to paint on the doors to the closet.  The closet doors were these very ugly bulky dark brown wood doors.  Because the theme of the room is so light and playful the doors and all the trim would need to be painted white to match.

Here are a few pictures so you can see for yourself:Wood-Trim-Collage

After thinking about it we decided that painting the closet doors white and then painting a theme over them still didn’t fit the ‘feeling’ of the room.  They really are just too bulky to keep around, so I suggested that we take them out and put curtains up instead.  Scott absolutely loved the idea of the closet doors being out of the room and that’s when doors of ideas literally opened for us as to what to do for the painting inside the closet! We were playing around with ideas of a cave inside, or a small village, but all that seemed too complicated for a closet that would end up having shelves and clothes hung up and the details would just get lost.  I even tried looking up ideas for closets online.  I typed: “Unique closet ideas” and all the results were about shelves and closet organization.  I did see a bright green background on one of the closets however, it seems that most people don’t really care about the closet.  I mean, it makes sense it is after all just a closet.  Though, wouldn’t it be cool if it was MORE than just a closet?

Unhappy with the options we allowed ourselves to sit on it overnight and played some video games to relax. Saturday was a new day and I brought out all the books and we started to look through them for ideas.  We kept coming up with pink and yellow and orange for colors, something bright and cheery.  THEN SCOTT FOUND THE PICTURE!  It was awesome.  Pink, yellow, and even some bright green.  I was in love! YES!  It was simple, yet unique enough to catch the eye when you opened up the curtains.  It was perfect AND it matched the theme for the rest of the room.  While I was finishing up one of the walls and painting the outlines, Mr. Awesome was painting the light pink bottom layer to the sky with a sponge roller and rag.  Then he painted the darker pink (clouds) with a rag over the light pink areas, keeping them more spontaneous.

Here’s the reference picture from the book: Book CLOSET

We’re only painting the backgrounds, no characters.  So, this scene will have the pink, yellow, and green. Keeping it simple for the closet.  Though I will be outlining the lines for the hills and doing some grass, no flowers, tree, mailbox, or bugs. 🙂 After he painted the sky, he worked on the yellow parts of the sky and the whole bottom had yellow as an undercoat.  We even did the inside of the closet too, so the entire closet was painted!  It looks awesome!  The grass and hills were outlined and by the end of Saturday we had completed the closet!  YEAH!

Sunday would prove another obstacle for putting in the shelving system, but for today, we’d celebrate and relax. We had a nice romantic dinner and made the recipe Gluten-free (pan fried) Cajun catfish and quick phad thai salad.  Lit candles and enjoyed an amazing meal!  For dessert we had some delicious raw vegan brownies!  I love to make it look like we’re really at a restaurant when we’re at home and dress up the plates all pretty.  We rarely eat out simply because almost every time we do we always end up not feeling well the next day.  After dinner we ‘went to the movies’ (aka our living room) and watched “Ender’s Game” while munching on popcorn.  A few months ago we finished reading the book together, so this was fun to see the book unfold visually.

Note:  If you plan on watching the movie and you haven’t read the book, I highly recommend reading the book first as, like most movies that play off of books, it misses a LOT of details.

Sunday we measured the closet and headed to home depot to pick out the closet shelves.  When we first moved into our house we installed two separate closet systems in the master bedroom using ‘closet maid’s’ solid version.  You install the brackets, shelves, and drawers and it all looks very pretty- and is a bitch to put up.  There is a lot of measuring, cutting,  and exactness you have to do to put up those types of shelves and both my husband and I agreed that next time we would just pay to have someone do it for us.  While we enjoyed the team work and bonding, it was just too much of a headache.  Like I said, it does look pretty once it’s done… There were two things I knew before going into the nursery closet project.  1. We are not doing the same shelves again and would choose something much simpler to put up.  2. We are most likely going to have to move the shelves around as she ages with her clothes changing lengths, from baby to toddler.  That left us with those adjustable wire shelving units that you can put up with brackets.  Not only is it an easier installation option it’s also an adjustable option!

Taking the measurements really helped but I could tell that we were pretty zootered from yesterday’s painting adventure-almost in a daze at home depot figuring out how to organize it all.

We ended up going with Closet Maid’s System at Home Depot, picking out (5) 84″ Shelf-Track Brackets, (10) 16″ brackets, (8) 12″ brackets, (5) 72″ x 16″ wire shelves, (3) 42″ x 12″ cut-at the store shelves,  (6) closet rod support brackets, (3) 5 foot closet rods, (2) mesh drawers, etc..etc.. You can find it all here: home depot’s closet organization

That was after some on-the-spot math to measure everything out and plan it out.  We had no idea what to plan for until we got there, but luckily we took enough measurements to make everything work out sound.  All the equipment for the closet installation came to about $400! *yikes*  Although it’s not THAT bad considering the options that were out there.

If you get home installation it usually runs about $2000+ depending on what options you get. All-in-all I felt like we did a pretty darn good job!  We got all the pieces we needed and when we got home we didn’t have to run back to Home Depot for things we ‘forgot’ because we didn’t forget anything! YAY!  Win/Win! It took us about 2 hours to install and was a LOT easier than the previous closets.  Now we have a beautiful closet system to match the beautiful paintings!  Also, the wire closet allows you to see a lot of the background and it’s just a really awesome closet.  Can’t wait to show you when it’s all done!!!

Thanks for reading my blog post, hope you enjoyed!


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