How to avoid sweets and eat healthy on the road with ‘Leaky gut’, ‘Candida’ and a pregant lady… Oh and did I mention it’s Valentine’s Day weekend!?

It’s Valentine’s Weekend! Wahoo! I know ya’ll are doing fun and exciting stuff, even if its watching a love movie with your friends or special someone! This weekend, Scott and I are headed out on a road trip to Montana! We are going to Glacier National Park. Figured it out this morning looking at our car GPS map. It’s actually not that far from us, about 9 hours (10-12 including rest/pit stops). It should prove to be nice, it certainly looks beautiful! Today (Friday) is all about getting ready for the trip. Taking care of the dog, we found an awesome Ranch in Monroe, WA that I took a tour of and dropped him off at this morning. Needless to say he is going to have a blast while we are gone, it’s a vacation for the dog too! Then I went to our local market, PCC, and got some good road food. The cool thing about PCC is that they care about using organic ingredients in their deli food as well as do their best to make it as allergy free as possible.

I love this because I can get some premade foods like beet salad, Moroccan salad, bean salad, etc. Because I get so exhausted so quickly being pregnant, having this option helps a ton! I usually make these types of salads myself. However, lately I’ve noticed that I need to pay attention to what I have the energy to do-instead of assuming I can work like normal. It was something I mentioned at pregnancy Yoga yesterday when we had our circle introductions. We are very fortunate to have a birthing doula as our yoga instructor because she is very in-tune with the body and pregnancy. She is also very personally experienced, having had 5 kids herself. She said that during this time our body is preparing us for having the baby through all types of stages. We are not going to have the same amount of energy pregnant as we did not being pregnant and that’s a good thing because we learn to be patient with ourselves and take it one step at a time. It helped to hear that, but I definitely still adjusting. I’m so used to being capable of going 150mph and getting so much done, that when I get tired after a few hours of work…I almost don’t know what to do with myself.

Back to provisions, I also found some treats that Scott can eat that don’t have any added sugar or dried fruit. We’ve had to be especially careful with his health because his “leaky gut” is healing, but we are also dealing with what we speculate to be “Candida“. Poor guy is going through a lot to heal himself holistically and it’s not so much “challenging” as it is “readjusting”. Luckily he has his own personal chef to help him through it, plus I get to create recipes that can cater to people who have specific food restrictions. (like the no added sugar/dried fruits) I did find some nuts, he loves pistachios’ and cashews, I will make some of those delicious cashews for the road (without the coconut sugar) or I’ll make up a new recipe all together. We have fruit and veggies at home which I can use to make some breakfast road food. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to juice for the morning like we routinely do because it’s too much of a hassle to bring all of the equipment and the juicing materials–it’s a vacation after all so breakfast will be slightly different but that’s okay!  We’ll still bring our supplements, with his candida we have to get a lot of healthy bacteria in his gut as well as make sure he doesn’t eat things that cause anything to disrupt his healing process, you can find out more in a simplified version here.

The supplements he is currently on are:

  • Intestinew by Renew Life helps repair the intestinal wall
  • Jarrow Dophilus +FOS to help add healthy bacteria
  • Zinc, omega-3 fish oils, vitamin A, C, E
  • Other suggestions are herbs such as slippery elm and aloe vera, which he is not currently on.

We’ve done the blood work tests to check levels for IgG, IgA, and IgM candida anti-bodies where higher levels in certain areas can indicate overgrowth of candida but are not the most ‘reliable’ test form, for many reasons, but they are good indicators as to what is leaking into your blood if you have the precursor to candida “leaky Gut” which let’s you know what foods are getting through your intestines into your gut.

A great way to find out if you have candida growth is in your stool tests, which determine the species of yeast too.  These are all great tools to learning more about your body.  While it is extremely helpful to listen to your body we are not all ‘scientist’ when it comes to eating.  For example, in his situation he may eat something naively and believe that it’s ‘healthy’ say ‘raw broccoli’ when in fact it’s just the opposite and causes us more harm then good.  However, your body is very good at letting you know that ‘something’ isn’t right and it’s your job to figure out what that ‘something’ is.

Knowing exactly what you put into your body helps, adding supplements to help heal the gut flora is essential when you have ‘leaky gut’ and ‘candida’. I have to be careful as to what he can eat as far as raw veggies goes too, but we don’t eat a ton of those.  It’s also recommended that he stay away from nightshades like tomatoes.  There’s a lot to take into consideration and it’s not just grab and go, there’s a lot of thought that gets put into eating on the road when you have to be careful what goes in your body.  You should always be ‘mindful’ however, there is a big difference between that and ‘careful’.

So, here’s a picture of some things I purchased for the both of us: Road Trip FOod 2

Road Trip Food

For the most part he can eat everything here, though there were a few treats I purchased especially for him:

  • Firefly Kitchen’s fermented Kraut
  • Yam Salad
  • Beet & Veggie medley Steamed Cold Salad
  • Cashew Butter
  • Pistachios
  • Teeccino Tea (because he loves coffee and can’t have any)

We’re not perfect by any means but we do, do our best.  If he has a reaction to something we pay attention and remove that item from his diet.  It’s a lot of give and take, but with the probiotic, L-glutamine, and HCL we’re on the right path to healing his gut and he’s already seen some great results! The Kombucha is for us to share.

Lately, as in the past couple of days my appetite has been for nut butter and jelly sandwiches.  I almost couldn’t drink my morning juice today, so I’m wondering what the baby is needing and what changes are going on now.  I do love beet salad and cold salads, so I’m thinking I may be at the stage where I need to eat more cold salads and raw foods.  Which is the complete opposite of what my husband needs right now….of course. 😉

Anything cooked, unless it’s tomato something is not approved by the baby administration so.. looks like fresh salads will be packed for the road.  It makes things more complicated but not impossible.  Another reason I was happy to make a trip at the PCC and get some pre-made meals! 🙂

I’m looking forward to packing up the Jeep and taking pictures, I’ll most likely take pictures of our trip and talk about it next week (if I have time).  I’m really wanting to get the nursery finished painting next week, but I also have a lot of things going on too so we shall see.  I will do my best to blog though!  I always look forward to writing…

Right now though I need to be helping prepare for our road trip, so I’ll blog more later!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!



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