#Vote4Monday’s Topic (Week 6)


WOW!  Haven’t posted anything this week and it’s been a very busy week indeed!

I’ll catch everyone up on another post, but this post I want to get out as soon as possible, because I wasn’t able to submit it on Friday.

This week, #Vote4Monday is in YOUR hands…


RULES: I get to choose from the topics YOU think of.  Whatever topic interests you in the healthy lifestyle field (questions about supplements, minerals, diet fads, recipes, or other health-related topics).  Post your comment “entry” for a chance to win your topic choice!  I’ll review the topics in the comments section (below) on Monday and choose which topic I’ll write about that week.  I’ll post the results of who WON and what topic I’ll be writing about!  I’m very excited to see your entries, so give me as many topics you want.  There is absolutely no limit on how many topics you can submit.  🙂

Want to know how to submit a vote?  It’s easy!

Just comment below: #VOTE4MONDAY [enter your topic/s of choice]

**That way I know it’s not just a general comment like: I LOVE your blog Jem! ;)**

Photo Information: This week’s photo I thought I would give you a sneak peek into what I’ve been working on.  This picture is taken straight from a small section of one of the walls in the nursery.  A little teaser.. 😉  Enjoy!  Can’t wait to share pictures of the nursery tour when it’s completed!!


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