Nursery Update (Week Two)

These past couple weeks have been really busy with the nursery project, but a lot of progress has been made.  I’ll share with you what’s been going on so far with the update two weeks ago, week two: February 9th-13th.

Week Two

As you know, week one, we completed the closet.  This included painting and putting up brackets and shelves.  It was a big project to complete in one weekend but we did it!  If you missed that post you can read about it here.

Monday: This week started with Nana coming over to help out with the nursery.  I even wrote about it in the #Vote4Monday’s topic reveal.  Before she came over she had written me an email requesting a cake of some sort (for after dinner) to celebrate.  I figured she really loved my sweets and started to prep for the ‘cheez-cake’ I was going to make (soaking cashews).

After finishing the closet (Sunday evening) I had a really strong urge to go through all the clothing and set it up in the closet.  I was REALLY excited about having one part of the room almost completed but I restrained myself from pulling all of the baby clothes out and organizing them.  Nana’s a lot like me when it comes to organizing (OCD) so I figured this would be a part of the nursery she would really enjoy doing with me…I eagerly waited. 😉

When she finally arrived (hey, I did say I was eager), I showed her what Scott and I had accomplished over the weekend.  She was astonished and excited to see how much progress we made that weekend. We pulled out all the bags of baby stuff and started to go through it.  The clothing had to be separated into colored piles for the wash and there were a lot of odds and ends to go through.  The clothing ended up being a bigger task then I had anticipated because I also had planned for us to work on painting the trim and door.  Ah, haha yeah that wasn’t going to happen..

There were a bunch of board games that I wanted to store in the baby’s closet as I really didn’t have any where else to put them.  We transferred all of the games (about 40+ games) from our bedroom to the nursery closet and ended up filling almost three shelves on the left side of the closet.  It was an eye-sore to say the least, didn’t really fit with the whole ‘baby’ theme…  At the top of the closet there was a shelf that went across the top, I figured using my *tetris master* skills I could fit all the board games on the top shelf.  Why not?  Leaving me to it, she returned 5 minutes later and was shocked to see me shuffling the last of the games into their places.  All of the games fit on the top shelf!  YEAH!  It was definitely a lot less obtrusive.  Success!  The way the top shelf was positioned, only a few inches of the board games were ‘visually’ exposed and that I figured could be hidden by a valance.

The clothing organization, folding, hanging, and washing/drying ended up taking a lot longer than I had planned.  Especially with the added challenge of trying to figure out how to organize clothing by ‘months’ because not knowing how big the baby would be when she was born nor how fast she would grow, I bought all sorts of ‘ages/sizes’.  Talk about confusing~ The time was flying fast and we were able to fold and store most of the clothes, with question to how they’d actually be organized once the nursery was completed.  I’m sure there would be other purchases that help organize even further.  I was happy that all the clothing was clean and that we got our bedroom back (for the most part).

For dinner, I made a recipe I had worked on over the weekend-Puttanesca.  I decided to make brownies with the ‘cheez-cake’ too so that night was really busy with me flying around making 3 recipes at once and by the time we sat down I was completely exhausted.  Luckily there was food in store!  After dinner, I was curious what we were celebrating?  The room?  It wasn’t finished yet, maybe the closet?  She smiled and got ready for this ‘festive-event’ which we had no idea to what she was talking about when she had us follow her to her car.  She revealed the surprise and pulled out all sorts of gifts and balloons from her car for her surprise~ baby shower! 🙂

Baby Shower

Ahh she’s so SWEET!  She knew that we weren’t sure if we were going to do a baby shower, since most of our friends and family live very far away.  She took it upon herself to throw us one herself!  Both of us were so touched and felt so blessed to have her in our lives.  You can read more about the Surprise Baby Shower.

Tuesday: I purchased a whole bunch of baskets in hopes that it would help us organize the closet better with the piles of clothing we had folded the day before.  While it definitely helped put the clothing in some sort of an arrangement, it also made it even more obvious that there were still to many pieces out of play to really plan out the organization.  Kind of a bummer because I really LOVE when things have their places.  (must.. have.. patience) She and I worked for a bit before she left and then I spent the rest of the day taking it easy and preparing the nursery for the second half to be painted.  That required lining the walls with drop cloth and taping off the closet.  Later that night, Scott and I sat down and went through all the books and finalized the last two scenes for the remaining walls.  Choosing our favorites from the books and narrowing it down, we found some good ones!!  Sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeep.

Wednesday: Draft time!  No not beer.  I got my pencil and started to draw out the lines for everything I would be painting.  Lots of drawing.  It’s always a good idea to do this before painting to make sure that the sizing matches up and everything has a good flow to it.  You’ll notice that while doing this you can work out the kinks much easier than during the midst of painting.  I did this for the first two walls too.  However, the remaining two walls (and one corridor area) required a LOT more detail.  This took all day.

Thursday: No time for work on the nursery.  This month I decided that I would alternate Thursday’s with my schedule. The routine with January was every Thursday,  I would have voice lessons, therapy, and yoga back to back.  In order to give me more time to complete the nursery, I alternated that schedule to every other week.  So far, it’s really been helpful.  Next Thursday, Nana is coming over again to help and I get yoga this week!  During the introduction time in the circle, we introduce ourselves, say how far along we are in the pregnancy, and talk about any pains or issues we are having in the pregnancy currently.  I mentioned that while I am not having any pains, I am feeling the exhaustion of pregnancy.  How I can’t keep up with what I normally do.  The yoga instructor, whom is also a birth doula (with 5 kids of her own) told us that the best thing we can do is to allow ourselves to do what we can and be okay with that.  We are creating a baby inside of us and a lot of our energy is being used to do that, what we can accomplish on the outside should focus around patience.  When we have our baby, we will be happy that we were able to brush our teeth and shower in the same day. 🙂

This gave me some perspective to reflect upon.

After the class, I spoke to the Yoga Instructor/Birth Doula about being my doula.  When I had signed up for yoga I had no idea who the instructor was, just that she was also a birth doula.  It was a wonderful surprise to find out that I had already met this woman and her whole family 5 years before at an eye clinic where I used to work in my past life.   You can learn a lot about people in a half day it takes to get all those exams!  I already knew she was an excellent mother but this opened up a whole new perspective of her.  She is very much into a holistic lifestyle and a lot of what she believes in, I also agree with so it seemed appropriate that I have that type of supporting person who can help both my husband and I through one of the most important life-changing events we’ll experience together.   I don’t have a lot of experience with pregnancy.  For the most part I think I avoided the topic altogether, considering I was under the impression that I’d never have any kids.  Both by choice and medically with having PCOS-being told it would be impossible for me to have kids ‘naturally’ (without medications or stressful procedures).  Having a doula would provide a lot of help and preparation for having a baby without taking on all the stress ourselves.  It’s nice to know options, to understand what choices we have and what to do to prepare for the birth of our baby- without having to do countless hours of research.  For that I am thankful that we have the ability to choose this option.

Friday: Thursday morning Scott and I discussed where we were going to go this weekend for Valentine’s Day weekend.  We decided on Glacier National Park, Montana!  He was planning on working a half-day (Friday) so we could prepare for our weekend road trip.  I dropped the dog off at the dog ranch (an amazing place for doggy boarding!) and headed to PCC for road food.  Because there were even more restrictions on what Scott could/could not eat I wanted to be extra prepared so we wouldn’t be too tempted at any organic markets along the way.  Scott prepped the Jeep when he got home, super cleaned it and got the winter gear bag ready.  I got food and other gear ready, as well as wrote a blog post so I could inform ya’ll that there would be no #Vote4Monday because I’d be on the road.

Saturday: Left around 7:20a.m. to Glacier National Park.  You can read about how we prepped for the road trip, in the post How to Avoid Sweets and Eat Healthy on the Road.
(I include road trip food and preparation tips too!)

Sunday: Glacier National Park hike and road trip both sides west/east, lots of beautiful pictures.

Monday: Road trip back home.  We left late enough that we were able to stop at a local toy shop in Kalispell, MT.  Such a sweet toy store too!  We found several cute things, especially this very cute fairy doll that our little girl can have even as a baby.  The doll, my natural good earth fairy, is for 0+ months and is made of natural organic cotton materials.  I was really excited that I found this store and was able to go in because we found a lot of unique treasures.  Including a mobile (from Germany), organic teething ring, and another organic toy.  If you are ever in this area, you should definitely check out the store: Imagination Station.

… already we miss you beautiful Montana!

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog!!



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