Surprise baby shower!

The sweetest surprise from a woman who really went out of our way to make us feel special, my grandma (who we call Nana) threw us a surprise baby shower! 🙂

Baby shower Marilyn

It was such a special moment for us to remember and we are very thankful that we have someone like her in our lives.  Most of our family and friends live across the United States and are too far to celebrate our baby girl by throwing a baby shower.  So, it was quite the surprise when our only close family relative decided to throw us a baby shower!  🙂

Baby Shower

I wanted to share the moment and share some pictures with you.  We truly are blessed to have her in our lives!

Baby Shower Gifts

We both were enjoying taking turns opening up the cute baby gifts.  There were lots of colors and cute surprises.  She also got us a lot of baby books too!  As one of her favorite things to do is read to the baby, so she’s been prepping with interactive, soft, and fun baby books. ❤

Baby Shower Book

We also got things like a digital thermometer with covers.  Glass containers for when I make baby food, grooming and health supplies, some outfits, and a really soft blanket.  It was definitely a special memory she made for us and I can’t wait to see her reading to our little girl! 🙂


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