#VOTE4MONDAY’s Topic Results (Week 6)

Wah.. wah.. wah….

Sad face

Unfortunately there were no votes, but that’s okay!

#Vote4Monday’s topic is going to go into reformation.

I am working on a side project to have people just submit a vote via clicking on a button.  I’m working on a type of ‘poll’ that I can cast votes for every week.  It’s in the works right now and there’s not a high demand for it at this current time.  I don’t really have enough readers at this current moment to justify needing a #Vote4Monday’s Topic.  When I’m writing enough blogs and hopefully getting to the point where I can write blogs daily, and I’m starting to get a lot more readers based on my current content then I’ll re-install a new version of #Vote4Monday.

Until then, looks like we’re just going to have to put this on pause.  I’ll say that it’s going on vacation for a little bit…

Thanks to all my readers who participated, you really made a difference in my week’s topics and I’m happy for the feedback!  I’m going to write more blog posts and whatever was voted on or brought up in previous weeks I’ll work on writing blogs for.

Until then I’m focusing a lot on recipes, food photography, nursery, travel, and all sorts of blog posts that are up and coming!

I can’t wait for everyone to see what’s in store!  So, this isn’t goodbye this is hold on for now…

Soon I’ll be posting even more blog posts where I can get more readers, fans, and subscribers!

Thanks again to everyone!!



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