Quick buzz’s do not make timeless blog posts….

Yes, I know they don’t!  However, I really want to make a quick update on what’s been going on as of these past two weeks.

I’ve been going overboard with the amount I’ve been trying to do and working non-stop without any time to post a blog post.  Which annoys me, because I love to write blog posts!  So, you can imagine how much I’ve also been neglecting myself:  My hair needs cut (badly!), my nails haven’t been done, and spring is coming and I’m still wearing winter maternity clothes!  That’s okay because I’m still alive!! 🙂

So, what have I been doing?  Well, for starters I’ve been working with a few clients lately and I’ve also been researching a lot on my current research project (Candida) which has taken a lot of energy from me.  While I believe most ‘systematic’ problems come from Candida, it seems that almost everyone tries to treat the ‘symptoms’ first like: Celiac, Depression, ADHD, Auto-Immune Disease, to name a few instead of treat the Candida which causes it.  After a lot of research hours I can say, that I know WHY they try to put a ‘cap’ on it vs. treat it.  The biggest most influencial reason is…. EFFORT!

It takes a lot of effort and changes to make Candida die, vs. for a lot of people helping get them there by a simple diet “i.e. Paleo diet” doesn’t take away the favorite things from your life.

However, it also doesn’t heal the undercurrent problem.  However, it stops a lot of symptoms.  It’s both sad and gratifying.  Sad because while we can always help with the symptoms and that’s a very good thing, it doesn’t stop the underlying “dormant” bacteria from festering all over the body.  I’m still doing research and working on a plan to help CURE THE WORLD!

All the meanwhile learning MORE about the body and the importance of well, everything you can possibly imagine.

While also helping others get on the right path to changing the way they view food and of course their relationship with food.  It’s not easy to make these changes, but when you do, the future is so much more promising!

Tomorrow I plan on writing more about what’s been going on and what has happened over the past month. (including, if I ever finish the post, VALENTINE’S DAY! )

I’ve had people inquire to me where that post went, I am working on it!  I promise!  It’s a longer post and it’s taking me quite some time to write it and when I have 10 minutes here and 1 hour there it’s being eaten away from all the other daily life demands.

However, I will say that I am VERY close to finishing the nursery.  🙂

It’s good news.. however, there are no fun pictures, no recipes, no teasers, and well I guess this post turns more dry.  I just hope my readers understand that I’m doing a lot right now and that I haven’t forgotten them!  🙂  🙂  🙂

Also, the baby is growing well and kicking and moving as usual.  I’m not as big as I thought I would be at 26 weeks.  More on that later this week…

Please have patience with me and stay tuned!!



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