3 things you can do today, to feel better tomorrow

With the list of things we have to do each day it can be overwhelming to think of adding a list of healthy components to our already hectic schedule, let alone change the entire way we think about life and nutrition in order to incorporate those changes into our life. It would be overwhelming and self-defeating to think, “I have to change my physical activity level, water intake, nutrition, sleep, relationships, pH level, vitamin maintenance, mineral content, stress elevations, and chemical/toxicity avoidance in order to feel better in my life”. That’s a lot to take on all at one time. However, simple changes can make a big difference in how you feel and allow for the creation of “good habits” that lay out as a foundation for more positive choices that will increase your feel good attitude and general well being as well as your inventory of “good habits” becomes your life. Here are just a few simple things you can do now, that will make you feel great tomorrow!

1-increase your water intake

Drink half your body weight in fluid ounces each day. If you weigh 200lbs. you should be drinking about 100oz. of water each day-about 12 cups (more if you are pregnant or nursing). Water is essential for our body to function at optimal levels and most of us are walking around dehydrated without realizing it. Dehydration impairs our ability to heal and function internal which affects us greatly externally, especially how we feel. Dehydration encourages our body to retain toxins which make us sick and force our body to retain what water we do have. Dehydration doesn’t just effect how we feel, it effects how we look. A hydrated body promotes more elasticity in our skin, giving our skin that youthful glow and look so many of us turn to cosmetics for Instead turn to filtered or spring water and do your best to avoid drinking from plastic. Instead use glass whenever possible!

Are you dehydrated? (a simple test)

Pinch the skin on the back of your hand and hold for 3 seconds. When you release, if the ridge/fold remains visible for more than one second-that’s your first tell-tale sign to grab some more water.

Can I drink teas, coffees, energy drinks, or soft drinks to supplement my water intake?

Simply put, no. Your body needs fresh, clean and readily available sources of water in order to utilize it for bodily functions. If it has to filter the water from what it is mixed with, it takes more time and energy to utilize that water source. For example, a glass of coffee takes more energy and more sources of water from within the body to filter and digest the compounds that make up water forcing your body into a greater debt of dehydration. If you want to change the flavor of water add some fresh squeezed lemon juice or a dash of mineral salt. Mineral salt, like Himalayan salt, will act as a natural electrolyte in water which boosts the mineral absorption in your body aiding in physical processes that use the water you just drank!

2-take time to enjoy and connect with nature

Modern living standards forces our environment to be indoors instead of in nature where we evolved from and were surrounded by. This natural setting brings revitalization and renewal for our body through our senses. Smell fresh scents of nature, touch the dirt with your bare hands and feet, feel the air that surrounds you, watch squirrels in their natural habitat and listen to the sounds of nature like birds chirping around you. All these factors contribute to rehabilitation, renewal, and reset our stress hormones that wreak havoc on our minds and body. It also allows our breath to deepen and naturally aids in restoring our pH levels. So take some time, go for quick walk in the woods or park and interact with the nature around you, even if its just for a few minutes. 🙂

3-take a walk each day every day for at least 10 minutes

Walking is easy and really quite simple to do. It also doesn’t take much time out of your day and allows your body to reset and rejuvenate. In addition to being a natural de-stressor it also helps in lowering blood pressure and increases circulation. It’s detoxifying as well because you are moving your leg muscles and “milking” the nerves in your arterial blood return- lymphatic system!


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