Welcome Baby Clementine!

Born June 3rd, 2015 the world welcomes little miss Clementine.

 baby Clementine

We are so happy to have her in our lives and she truly is a perfect little angel.  🙂

I want to thank all my friends and family for their support throughout the nine months, especially my husband for his unconditional love and patience.  During labor his ability to support me and understand my needs was more than I could have dreamed for.  He is truly capable of anything and I am the luckiest woman in the world to have that kind of love and support.  He also left a lasting impression with the nursing staff with how well he was able to guide me through labor and gift me a feeling of protection throughout the whole labor.

I am especially grateful for my doula Tracy Coons who was able to make it back safely from Australia in time for labor!  While there weren’t many things that were followed on my birth plan (due to real circumstances, it was nice that I had her support and guidance.)  Her vast knowledge during my pregnancy was invaluable!  We are so fortunate to have had such a great support up until our baby was born.

I am also thankful for my grandma who was able to help out anyway she could during my pregnancy, especially with regards to the nursery and her amazing sewing skills! 🙂

My friend Alexis for her vast knowledge in all things babies!  She was so entirely helpful with helping me gear up for the baby.  My breast pump is my best friend right now and she is totally right about all the things I would need starting out!! 🙂  I’m also thankful for her experiences and support throughout pregnancy too as there was really a lot to learn which was shared from her experiences.

And thank you to all my friends who were supportive especially when I found out I had ICP.  There were a few days when I was really down and everyone all seemed to get a magical memo to really make sure I was doing well during those rough times.  I am very grateful for your kindness and caring selves. 🙂

I would also like to thank my network of medical care providers: my therapist, chiropractor, acupuncturist, naturopath doctor, and team of midwives.  There are so many things that all of them helped me through in one way or another that I can’t possibly list out in one paragraph.  All of them helped me numerous ways throughout the nine months up to labor.  During labor both Kim and Jenny (midwives) were very awesome to work with.  Jenny who took on most of the hours of labor was absolutely amazing and really came through in working with me on every which way they could have in order for me to have the labor I desired.  Although I wasn’t able to have everything go as ‘planned’ everyone really pushed through for me to follow my birth plan as closely as possible and I couldn’t be more thankful for that.  The experience was one I’ll always remember and cherish.  I felt empowered, strong, and supported beyond what I believed imaginable.

Last but not least, thanks to all my readers for joining and reading my blog posts.  It was very encouraging to have an audience and support group from my blog.  I love reading the comments and seeing “likes” on a post- especially when I get new followers!  This became really helpful as the months progressively became slower and slower as I got more and more pregnant!  I felt like I had another job (good job) and the blog gave me another goal to work towards weekly.

I will be posting pictures of the nursery as soon as I can!  Right now I am focusing on breast feeding and sleeping, trying to make headway in creating a routine.  So far today, I was able to get enough time (1hr) to write a blog post!! 🙂  Yay!!

The picture (above) was taken yesterday by Marissa Corona at www.marissacorona.com


Pregnancy Update (35 Weeks pregnant) Getting closer!!


While things have definitely been centered around the baby the past 8 months, I will say that the past few weeks they have been kicked into overdrive.  Since, being diagnosed with ICP I now have to go to the hospital (midwifery unit) twice a week and I get my blood drawn once a week.  In addition, I’m adding chiropractic care and acupuncture to the growing list of appointments in order to ‘ripen’ my cervix.  The appointments are geared towards making sure that I will be ready (or as ready as possible) to go into labor once the time comes.  I have also been doing a lot of work at home.  Last week flew by super fast and this week even faster, which is both good and bad.  Good because things are getting done each day that passes and bad because it’s really going too fast!  I’ve almost purchased everything I ‘think’ I need before the baby is born, though it’s overwhelming the amount of items that are needed.  I’ve been trying to get in the baby room to take pictures of the walls for the blog and I do apologize for not posting them yet.  The room has little things that are in the works, but is pretty much completely finished being painted.  There are two things I need to paint and I plan on doing that within the next few days.  Tomorrow, I may do it.  I have to focus on my school work before the class is over and then I get some time before my next class starts (because I am having a baby).

Last Saturday, Scott and I had our first pictures taken as a couple.  What better time than when we’re on the last few weeks of pregnancy???  🙂

The pictures were done by a local photographer near Seattle, Wa.  Her business is Photostories by Marissa Corona and she is absolutely fantastic! 🙂

I wanted to share one of the many pictures she took from our photo session last Saturday at Pine Lake.  We are so ecstatic about how the session went and can’t wait to get our full set of photos.  This was sort of a ‘sneak peak’ for us!

She will also be photographing the baby too and that’s also very exciting!  Especially since she is planning on photographing her in her own nursery.  🙂

Black & White

Pregnancy Week 35 Saturday Pine Lake Park

I actually love her signature too, just very sweet. 🙂


Pregnancy Week 35 Saturday Pine Lake CoLor

If you are looking for a fantastic photographer who is very good with people and has a very special and awesome skill (in the Washington area) I definitely recommend checking her out.

Well, I have to get back to school work.  In next week’s post, I want to include a list (and hopefully pictures) of all the things I got when prepping for the baby.  This may end up being the following week, depending on how the appointments go.  Unfortunately, I don’t think I’ll be posting any blog posts on recipes until after the baby is born.  My plate is extremely full and I can feel myself getting overwhelmed which means that I need to take breaks when I can.

Last week’s tests results also came back this week and my bile acid tests went down from 28 to 13!  This is excellent!!  Also, I am doing what’s called the NST (Non-stress test) twice a week at my appointments which basically monitors the baby’s heart rate and makes sure that in a 20 minute period she gets her heart rate up and comes back down to what is considered her resting heart rate.  She’s been doing awesome and this past time she got her heart rate up both times within the first 5 minutes, so mom got to take a short 10 minute nap for the remaining time.  We are getting more and more excited with each passing day.

The past few days Scott hasn’t been feeling 100% and had a pretty bad allergy attack which knocked his immune system in half.  Poor guy.  I’ve been doing my best to take care of him and myself during this time.  I feel for him and I wish that we weren’t both suffering from such strong histamine reactions, but tis the season for things to be fluffing around in the air.  Especially our dog’s coat which is being blown this past month-OMG!  I have never seen so much hair in one period of time, it’s ridiculous!  He’s an Akita and they do blow their coat twice a year, but because he was a puppy last year and he barely shed his coat over the fall season we got a full dose of a blown coat this spring.  Boy did we pay for that!  You could literally not pet the dog without pulling off little fluffy rabbits in the process.  Seriously!  It was overwhelming and definitely overwhelming to Scott’s system. 😦

Now, I’m on fur patrol and dog maintenance.  I need the hubby at 100% when this little girl comes!!!!

That’s all for now.  Hope everyone is doing well and staying healthy!

Till next time~




Pregnancy Update (34 Weeks pregnant) and anti-Candida, PCOS, and ICP….

Last post of my pregnancy update was at 30.79 weeks pregnant and a lot has actually happened since then.

Pregnancy-week 34

My goal throughout pregnancy was to update as often as possible with the intention of doing a post at least once a week.  However, with everything that I am working on (school, cookbook, recipe, pregnancy, etc.) I haven’t found enough time to do a post as often as I’d like.  Take for example, my last post of pregnancy update about 4 weeks ago.  At first I was a little hard on myself and then I realized that this is just the way it’s going to have to be and I have to be okay with that.  I’m working on blogging more and I continue to do what I can when I have time and quite frankly that IS good enough. No matter what the opinions swirling around in my head have to say.

The past 4 weeks have been extremely eventful and hard.  If you don’t already know, I am currently going to school for my MNT (Master Nutritional Therapist) and I take my education very seriously.  I also take my family’s health very seriously as well.  Over the past few months I’ve been helping my husband fight the yeast overgrowth in his body and if anyone is addressing leaky gut or Gaps or is following a real Anti-Candida protocol they know that it’s fairly challenging.  Luckily over the past few years we’ve eaten fairly strict and have found by listening to our bodies that narrowing our diet based on our ‘symptoms’ through an almost deduction diet is really what got us in ‘tune’ with our body.  Doing this, allowed for the transition into something as strict as an Anti-candida diet as an almost ‘natural’ next step process.  If you’d like to read more about that in another blog post I wrote click: Anti-Candida ‘Diet’.

Back to the pregnancy update…

The past few weeks I’ve been working on my own health as well.  While I am eating mainly the anti-candida diet, I am also including some fruit in my diet for the baby.  I don’t need a lot of sugar and usually eat an apple or 1/2 grapefruit each day.  I personally feel that this diet is a very good foundation diet to keep my body running optimally and deliver nutrients to my daughter efficiently and effectively.  Plus, I really don’t have the energy to make 2 separate meals for dinner when there really isn’t any reason.  Of course I eat healthier now than I did before I was pregnant.  Which actually played a significant role in helping with my analysis of my body the past few weeks.

If you’ve been following my blog or know me personally, you’ll know that I was told I had PCOS several years ago prior to being pregnant.  With that comes a lot of useful knowledge about my body.  For example, how my body handles sugar (insulin resistance) and how the thyroid functions (hormone response).  There is a negative aspect to PCOS where the label puts people in a box.  The box is: you have to take thyroid medication, you have to take metformin, you have to take PCOS supplements to help with hormone regulation.  With this prescription also comes the added bonus of being told that I will not be able to conceive (without extreme effort and very unlikely circumstances) which is obviously incorrect.

While I do believe there are some benefits of being ‘diagnosed’ with certain conditions I don’t believe that it’s the end-all be-all of who you are.  Please read my blog post where I go into depth about PCOS and understanding the thyroid connection in the post: PCOS and the Thyroid Connection.

I’ve spent a lot of time learning about how the thyroid works and how a proper diet and exercise can really help bring the thyroid into normal levels.  However, all of that practically goes out the window when you are pregnant.

During my pregnancy my thyroid (TSH) was doing this rollercoaster ride of 3.94 (week 10) to 3.09 (week 17) back up to 3.78 (week 24).  I’ve been supporting my thyroid with different supplements starting week 24 when it went back up with both Thyrocsin and liquid Chromium.  Thyrocsin has supportive supplements that help with the thyroid by aiding in the conversion of T4 to T3 as well as helping support hormone balance (with ashwagandha, iodine, and L-tyrosine) and the Chromium helps with insulin response (managing glucose levels) which work with the adrenal glands (part of the thyroid).  In addition to this I’ve monitored my glucose levels by doing a blood glucose test (at home) where I test my blood sugar levels before I eat and after (2 hours) I eat each meal.  I did this for a week straight and continued the same diet protocol that I have been for the past 2 months.  My blood sugar was great and my insulin response is fantastic.  I’m very happy with that aspect of my health.

During the last visit with my N.D. I decided to do a full blood work test.  Not a common test to do, especially during pregnancy, but being a researcher I was interested in what my blood tests came back regarding Uric Acid, BUN, Creatinine, Calcium, Chloride, Bilirubin, LDH, AST, ALT, GGT, Cholesterol, WBC, RBC, Platelets, B12, etc.  These are the things I’m studying in school so why not know my own numbers for a better complete understanding of how the body works.  I also asked him to do my TSH again but he wasn’t sure that was necessary and indicated that the insurance company may ‘flag’ him if he tries to do the TSH again without reason.  (Besides the obvious factor that I am pregnant and this is something that should be monitored.)

Blood Work Results

When I got my results back a lot of the numbers ranged from ideal to excellent, however there was one set of numbers which was extremely high for what was considered ‘normal range’ and that was the AST and ALT.  Remember, this is not a common test to preform during pregnancy and most people haven’t had this test done unless they have a reason.  When the numbers for AST and ALT came back high and I’m talking the AST norm is 0-40 IU/L and mine came back 146 IU/L with the ALT (norm 0-32 IU/L) at 250.  Those are both alarmingly high and for me this caused concern.  Although, my N.D. didn’t seem too concerned with the numbers being high because the LDH and the GGT came back low (normal) and said that he would check with the lab to see if this was ‘normal’ for pregnancy.    I was definitely ‘alarmed’ when I got off the phone with him.  The ALT and AST are liver enzymes and they reflect the ‘function’ of the liver.  I was very confused at why he was OK with the numbers being as high as they were.  Maybe I didn’t have anything to worry about and maybe I did, but I’m not the type of person that sits on things.  My brain is a highly analytical brain and problem solving is a natural skill that I can’t seem to quiet.  I called back a few days later (Thursday) to check back on my iodine levels and to find out what he heard back from the lab regarding the ALT and AST tests.  The iodine levels came back normal but he hadn’t checked with the lab yet on the numbers.  Now, my idle thoughts were starting to not be idle.  I had an appointment with the midwives on Tuesday the following week and I wanted to know what was going on with my liver.  One thing that I had been experiencing this whole time and I did bring it up to my N.D. when I had my blood drawn were 2 things. First, my leg cramps at night were horrible and second, my legs itched really bad.  My question was, did they go hand-in-hand?  What I ended up doing was making an electrolyte water with magnesium calm to help with the cramps, which helped significantly however, the itching pursued.

I started to research a ton about liver enzymes AST and ALT being high and was not coming to any ‘normal’ conclusions for pregnancy.  Because I know that the TSH was high and my T3 and T4 were ‘normal’ my thoughts about the liver enzymes became increasing persistent that something wasn’t right.  Especially this, my mother also experienced extreme itchiness when she was pregnant and my grandmother died of liver failure.  These are great factors to keep in mind when thinking about my current condition and understanding of my own genetic background revolving around liver functioning.

By the time I had arrived at my midwives I was armed with my blood lab work and knowledge about my concerns.  There were several things that this could be and none of them aligned with pregnancy necessarily but disease of the liver itself.  Cholestasis of the liver, fatty liver, abuse to the liver, and liver tumor.  All of them pointed to the fact that there was something wrong with the liver but nothing stated anything about the thyroid connection.  I sat down with the midwives and said “I had blood work done with my N.D. and my AST and ALT came back high.  I’m experiencing itching of the legs but not the palms or feet.  I don’t have jaundice and there are no rashes.  I’d like to do a bile acid test and retest my liver enzymes” and they wondered why my doctor had these tests run.  I said, I asked him to.  Surprised they looked at me and said “why?” and I said “because I have speculation that there is something effecting my thyroid (TSH) levels and that they are going up and down and while that may be considered ‘normal’ during pregnancy they aren’t within ‘normal’ range and because I am not taking a thyroid supplement I need to understand in totality how my body is preforming.” They knew I was a nutritional therapist but I don’t think they understood that I was a scientist disguised as a nutritional therapist. 🙂

They were aware of implications of AST and ALT being high and agreed that the test needed to be re-run again.  There are many things that can throw off the AST and ALT so it’s always good to double check.  On top of that they ran my TSH again (thankfully) and agreed that it’s something that should be checked often.  They also asked me to do a fasting bile acid test (from my research this was a great indicator of the health of the liver) and I promptly agreed!

The results came back the following week, Monday.  Now, 2 weeks since my N.D. said he would get back to me regarding the AST and ALT from the lab.  The midwife on the phone says “The thyroid level came back at 3.07”  (a great number considering it had gone up previously and this told me that my supplements were helping) “the liver enzymes AST and ALT came back high but lower than what they were previously” (a neutral) “the bile acid did come back high though with the normal being up to 10 present in the blood and yours is a 28”.  My heart sank.

I said “what does this mean?” because to me from research this meant a type of cholestasis of the liver, but that didn’t make sense.  I hadn’t experienced these symptoms prior to being pregnant.. no itchiness or other indicators..

she replied “This means you carry a rare genetic factor called Intrahepatic Cholestasis of Pregnancy (ICP)” again my heart sank, because this meant that I would most likely not be able to have the baby at the birth center through ‘natural’ means.

To confirm I said “So, I won’t be able to have the baby with you then?”

“Unfortunately, I wouldn’t recommend that, the risks are too high” She wanted to talk to me in person but she knew the kind of person I was and that I would want to know as soon as she knew.  She also knew that I’d want to research it (which is absolutely correct).  She asked me to set up a time with her that week (Wednesday) to go over any questions and by the time I saw her on Wednesday I had a lot of questions.  What does this all mean?

After a couple days of depression I started to pick myself up again.  My family and friends were extremely supportive and encouraging.  It means I’ll have to be induced into pregnancy at 37/38 weeks depending on the provider-but I would really prefer that it be at 38 weeks so that my body is more ready to have a baby vaginally and so my doula could be there (as she is currently in Australia).  I’m finding ways to turn things around, turn it into a positive thing.  I did much of the foot work to put myself into the position of finding this condition.  If you’ve ever known anyone who had ICP or who has gone through results of ICP you’ll probably know that most of the time it goes without being noticed up until the baby is born.  At this time there is a very high possibility that the bile acid will cross the placenta touch the umbilical cord (which is incredibly vital for lung development) and can cause high risk for fetal distress, meconium staining, spontaneous preterm labor, respiratory distress and stillbirth.  It’s not something that is taken lightly.  There isn’t enough information on ICP and I’m currently working on a thesis that revolves around identifying precursors of ICP.  I want to thank everyone who has taken the time to be supportive to me, you all have been such a blessing in my life and one that I’m very thankful for.  If you have ICP, there are some great sites that help with information for ICP such as:

If you have any questions or are dealing with ICP yourself please feel free to contact me directly at my personal email: mjr@bestfood4life.com and I’d love to help in any way that I can.


Disclaimer: This is not a medical reference for you to use should you have ICP, hypothyroidism or PCOS during pregnancy nor is it intended to treat, diagnose, or cure any of the diseases/genetic factors discussed in the topics (above) as I’m simply sharing with you my personal story.  Everyone should always talk to their doctor before attempting to take any supplements or modify their diet.

Pregnancy Update (30.79 weeks pregnant)

Wow!  It’s been almost 10 weeks since I posted a pregnancy update with picture.  Where has the time gone???  I have been ridiculously busy in trying to prepare for the baby (and you’ve heard from previous posts what I’ve been up to as far as creating a nursery with the mural, etc.) as well as working on what feels like 100 other projects simultaneously.  Here’s a picture update, I just took the picture.  I was looking for pictures I had taken since the 21st week and couldn’t find any!  I know I kept saying in my head, I gotta take a picture this week–but for one reason or another I just didn’t.  Here ya’ go!

Pregnancy- Week 30.74

Today I have an appointment with my naturopath doctor (ND) which I’m actually very excited about!  I get to look at the blood work results from the past 3 months, for me that’s very exciting.  🙂

The past 10 weeks have been riddled with obstacles and one of them was definitely the pregnancy itself.  Up until 2 weeks ago I was doing pretty good with my energy.  I’ve felt some drain on my energy a couple of days here and there sprinkled throughout the pregnancy but it usually went away after a couple of days.  Unfortunately, those days are over and I’m now feeling the pregnancy pretty much full throttle with no signs of slowing down.

Pregnancy yoga up till two weeks ago was pretty good, I felt energized after the sessions with only a slight ache the day after.  Two weeks ago I was in the middle of class and found myself checking the clock what seemed every 5 minutes.  When was it going to end?? I felt like I had been doing the class for hours only to find that 15 minutes had passed.  The class is only an hour and 15 minutes long, but still!  I caught myself looking up at one point (when there was still 30 minutes left) and as my eyes came back to the yoga class the woman next to me (who was also looking at the clock) says, “welcome to the third trimester”.  She is one week further along than me so it felt kinda good knowing that I wasn’t the only one suffering through the class.

Where is the energy?

The days pass…I have good days where I almost feel normal and other days when I am almost completely exhausted after doing two squats.  TWO squats.  I had been riding the recumbent bike for most of the pregnancy until the beginning of March when the movement was too much for me to appreciate.  I felt between nauseous and out of breath, which if you know me sucks even more because I LOVE off-road driving.  My husband attempted to take me off-roading for my birthday and made it maybe 400 ft. before I begged him to turn around with the saddest look on my face ever!  But, like I said there are good days and there are the ‘off-days’.  During Easter Sunday we took a drive to Mt. Rainier and did a little off-road driving and I did pretty good!

For the most part I’ve been really busy cooking, creating recipes, studying, food photography, business expenses, home expenses, school, studying, research, school, more school, clients, test research, clinical research, organizing, did I mention school? and purchasing things here and there to finish up the nursery and baby shopping.  The most recent purchase for the nursery were the crib mattress and the daybed mattress.  I was extremely picky about both as I wanted the mattresses to be safe (and all that entails) for her.

Infant/Child Mattresses

Most crib mattresses are covered with vinyl cover and contain off-gass from chemicals from the vinyl as well as fire retardants.  You can read more about the hazard of Vinyl Chloride here.  It’s even more important for infants and children to be sleeping in a non-toxic mattress because most infants actually sleep for 18 hours and because they are developing their bodies they are even more susceptible to the concentrations of off-gassing even more greater than an adult.  Also, there have been theories that blame SIDS on toxic bedding material and mattress material.  If you’re interested in reading up on that, intellibed (where I purchased the twin mattress from) has some information here.

There are a few great companies out there that offer options for infant mattress bedding and I strongly urge you to do research before purchasing a crib mattress.

If you’re looking for a good mattress for your crib, I recommend any one of the following:

(In order of cost, because organic crib mattresses can be pretty expensive-but worth it! Keep in mind that the price isn’t always monetary…)

  1. Quilted organic cotton & wool crib mattress  $259-$465
  2. intelliBEDmini Crib Mattress: $399 + Shipping
  3. All Wool Organic Mattress: $640 + shipping

The daybed mattress that I purchased is for when she moves out of the crib and into a bed.  I didn’t purchase one of those 9-in-1 cribs, they just weren’t for me.  I wanted her to end up having a daybed in her room with a trundle instead of a standard bed.  This way when Nana was staying the night or when she had a friend stay the night, they would have a place to sleep-but mostly the former.

The mattress I chose is a twin sized mattress that she’ll be able to use for the next 20 years.  It has a 20 year warranty and because you spend a lot of your life in bed it is incredible for your body.  In fact, it’s a better mattress then the local organic one we purchased just last year for ourselves-because it has intelli-gel.
It’s also organic, made with high quality materials and doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals, such as: Boric Acid (a toxin which causes skin irritation), Rayon (a synthetic fiber with various chemicals), antimony (attributes are very similar to arsenic which causes respiratory problems), Melamine resin (a form of formaldehyde), PCDE’s (a phased out fire retardant but many ‘older’ models still contain-before 2004.)

If you are in the market for looking for a bed for yourself; maybe you suffer from back pains, headaches, body aches, insomnia, and many other ailments (that can be linked to mattresses) I suggest checking this company out.  You can read about them, watch videos, or even call them and talk to their very knowledgeable staff.

Mattress company: Intellibed

This is the mattress we bought: Twin intellibed 20

I recommend you check out all the options and find which one is best for your needs. 🙂

Enough about mattresses although that has been a large portion of my life for a couple of those 10 weeks.  I was glad to finally purchase them and get it over with… now onto other things like dual electric breast pumps.

I do plan on breast-feeding but I know that I’ll need an electric breast pump for when we do travel as my goal is to breast feed for at least 1 year (with the introduction to puree food as well).  I don’t know exactly how it’s going to go, but it’s best to be prepared and if I’m going to get a breast pump, I might as well go with the dual one (as I hear from friends that it’s a lot easier to do both at the same time with the little yield at first).  I’m also going to make sure I have one just incase the breast-feeding doesn’t go as smoothly as planned as well as some back up options incase I’m not producing milk either.  (like a goat milk formula)  I am all about being prepared as much as I can be-though I really hope the breast-feeding works out!! 🙂

There is still so much to talk about but unfortunately that doctor’s appointment I mentioned earlier is coming up now and I have to leave for it.

This weekend I’ll be cracking away at the garage with the husband and trying my hardest to take it easy.  There’s a lot going on next week.  I will be posting more recipes too because lord only knows how many recipes I have to post.  Like for example Easter recipes!  A little late for that.. haha good thing I’ll be prepared for next year though and possibly a seasonal/holiday cookbook too.  Though I won’t get too far ahead of myself.  Right now, along with all the other things I’m working on I’m also putting together a cooking class for adults and kids.  It’s a nutritional educational/cooking class and I’m really excited about it!!

I hope everyone is doing well and thank you for reading my blog!! 🙂

If anyone has any recommendations for me please post in the comments section. 🙂


Nursery update (Week 3)

Week 3

Working on the nursery, I am a week behind so this is for week 16-20.  Week 2’s post went until Monday where we were driving home from Montana on our road trip.  So, I’ll start with..

Tuesday: Feeling pumped after the weekend and spending hours off and on during the trip thinking about the nursery (like unfinished business circling around my head)…. you could say we both were feeling pumped about our work week!  I already had the room drawn out so I was ready for the fun part, painting!  I got right to work on the colors.  Starting on brown and then lime green.  I decided to do more than one section at a time which required a little strategy.  Paint on the green first and there’s a lot of green.  Then do the brown parts, then the blue (which is the sky) but before I could do that, because there is a ‘rainbow’ in one of the sections which went up into the ceiling, I had to complete that first.  This required that I go over all the colors in the rainbow and I decided to take some creative initiative here with the most well known version of the rainbow.  In the book, she puts several colors together and makes it look like a ‘fairy-tale’ rainbow, but for the sake of any future questions (Mom what are the colors in the rainbow, followed by why is my rainbow not those colors?) I decided to go more realistic. 😉  This took all day about 8-9 hours.  I was able to work longer hours without feeling exhausted because of the breaks I took (lesson learned from week 2; see end of article)

Wednesday: More painting! I was really focused on finishing this painting of the room so I could start outlining.  I was able to conquer the painting part AND some outlining!  I was feeling pretty awesome and on fire!  The new strategy I’ve been using is really working well and I’m not feeling exhausted plus it’s now ready for when Nana comes over tomorrow and we go shopping for fabric!

Thursday: Nana came over today while I was finishing up the last section of the ‘outlining’ of the wall we talked about some ideas for picking out fabric.  Then we headed to Joann’s fabric and spent 3-4 hours looking over fabric and planning out ideas for the curtain and valance (for both the window and closet doors) and the basket that would be hanging on the wall.  We were so exhausted by the time Thursday night dinner-time and tonight our doula would be visiting and introducing herself to the family.  She spent an hour and a half going over her services, what she does, how she supports, etc.  It was a great experience and everyone agreed that this was something that would really help us through the pregnancy, especially my husband.  He’s already working 70+ hour weeks and it’s been 20 years since he’s done this sort of thing… a lot has changed since then! 🙂  Before getting pregnant, I wasn’t really thinking I’d ever be pregnant so I wasn’t prepared.  I’m pretty sure I avoided anything that had to do with pregnancy up until now so extra help is always wonderful!  In addition to all that, I’m a researcher.  This means that I pretty much would research everything there is to know about pregnancy: what to expect, what fears there are, what to do, etc. etc.  and my mind would be in a whirlwind and who knows what kind of fear I’d pick up along the way.  I’ve been avoiding this because I don’t want to have fear, I don’t believe it belongs in pregnancy.  Hiring a doula who believes that having a baby should be a positive experience, really helps me with this.  I was completely upfront and said I haven’t done a lot of research and I don’t really want to.  I’m really working hard on the research I have for the MNT program that I’m currently in, if I start getting into baby research, I’ll get side-tracked in the health nutrition, anatomy, physiology, etc..etc… enter Hire Doula!  I really have Nana to thank for all this as she’s been 100% all about Doula’s since we found out we were pregnant.

If you don’t know what a birthing Doula is, you should definitely check it out.  They really really help you through some of the hard decisions, educate you on what you need to know about, give you insight to your options, and support you in your decisions.  They also work to make it a really comfortable environment for you to give birth in, whether it’s at home, in a birthing center, or in a hospital.  The one we have gone with is named Tracy Coons you can check out her website if you are in the local area and interested in finding out more about Doula’s or are looking for a Doula. 🙂

Friday: Last night we did some major planning, this morning we put the planning together strategically.  I was really adamant about finishing at least ONE thing that we spent all that time doing yesterday and we both decided the easiest would be to work on the basket.  She worked her butt off on the basket while I finished outlining the rest of the room.  By the time I completed the outlining of the last section of the main wall, she was near complete with the basket.  We played around with it until it was perrrrfect and then a few more sewing and cutting and VOILÀ!  Beautiful!  This is the basket to the hot air balloon that I painted the first week.  It looks SO good!  I can’t wait to share it with you!!!!  The basket is a wire basket, we put in a unique burlap fabric (with purple polka dots!!) and a very very soft purple fabric on the inside.  Then we accented it with these crystals that hung off the edge.  It’s seriously perfect!  She did an outstanding job.  TEAMWORK ROCKS!


I’ll give you a SNEAK PEEK 2 of the Nursery. (hey it’s only fair, you’ve been so patient!)

Sneak Peek

Ahhh isn’t it so cute?!?!
She’ll be taking home the curtains and valance to work on as there are a lot of detailed things she has to sew together, but I can’t wait until she’s completed them!! AHHH! So excited!  Also, I can’t wait till this project is done so I can share it with you!  I know you’ve all been really anticipating seeing the project…

Saturday & Sunday: Scott had projects to work on for his job and I wanted to do some research for the business.  I learned a lot about food photography and you can see how I’ve applied that knowledge in the delicious recipe Zucchini Spaghetti & Meatballs.  If you haven’t tried making the recipe yet, I highly recommend that you give it a shot.  You will not be disappointed!!!

Lessons learned from week two of the nursery adventure

Tips for working while pregnant:

  1. Drink a glass of water every time you have to pee.  (yes, you may think you’ll have to pee a LOT but that’s the point.  It forces you to take breaks, which are incredibly important as well as making sure you drink plenty of water! )
  2. Everytime you drink water, grab a snack to eat.  This can be as simple as a spoonful of nut butter. 😉
  3. The second you feel hungry, eat and eat until you feel satisfied.  (make sure you sit down and take a break while eating, drink your water too)

Doing this helped me tremendously!  Week 2 was almost a nightmare on my emotional/physical exhaustion.  I didn’t eat as frequently as I needed to and I didn’t drink as much water as I needed.  It only made me more tired and less able to slow down.  Doing these 3 steps ensured that I was taking enough breaks, drinking enough water, and eating enough food. (i.e.  slowing myself down and allowing my body to replenish, refresh, and rest)

I can’t explain with enough emphasis just how well this works!  My emotional and physical ability were restored and I was able to be balanced and calm.  A very very important thing when you are pregnant as most people know how cranky pregnant women can get.  I think part of that ‘crankiness’ comes from the factor of trying to resume ‘normalcy’ while being pregnant.  There is no such thing as normalcy.  You literally have to re-define what that means and for some of us it’s harder than others.  Especially those of us who love to work.  Resting?  Yes, I sleep.  😉

Thanks for reading my blog!


Surprise baby shower!

The sweetest surprise from a woman who really went out of our way to make us feel special, my grandma (who we call Nana) threw us a surprise baby shower! 🙂

Baby shower Marilyn

It was such a special moment for us to remember and we are very thankful that we have someone like her in our lives.  Most of our family and friends live across the United States and are too far to celebrate our baby girl by throwing a baby shower.  So, it was quite the surprise when our only close family relative decided to throw us a baby shower!  🙂

Baby Shower

I wanted to share the moment and share some pictures with you.  We truly are blessed to have her in our lives!

Baby Shower Gifts

We both were enjoying taking turns opening up the cute baby gifts.  There were lots of colors and cute surprises.  She also got us a lot of baby books too!  As one of her favorite things to do is read to the baby, so she’s been prepping with interactive, soft, and fun baby books. ❤

Baby Shower Book

We also got things like a digital thermometer with covers.  Glass containers for when I make baby food, grooming and health supplies, some outfits, and a really soft blanket.  It was definitely a special memory she made for us and I can’t wait to see her reading to our little girl! 🙂

Nursery Update (Week Two)

These past couple weeks have been really busy with the nursery project, but a lot of progress has been made.  I’ll share with you what’s been going on so far with the update two weeks ago, week two: February 9th-13th.

Week Two

As you know, week one, we completed the closet.  This included painting and putting up brackets and shelves.  It was a big project to complete in one weekend but we did it!  If you missed that post you can read about it here.

Monday: This week started with Nana coming over to help out with the nursery.  I even wrote about it in the #Vote4Monday’s topic reveal.  Before she came over she had written me an email requesting a cake of some sort (for after dinner) to celebrate.  I figured she really loved my sweets and started to prep for the ‘cheez-cake’ I was going to make (soaking cashews).

After finishing the closet (Sunday evening) I had a really strong urge to go through all the clothing and set it up in the closet.  I was REALLY excited about having one part of the room almost completed but I restrained myself from pulling all of the baby clothes out and organizing them.  Nana’s a lot like me when it comes to organizing (OCD) so I figured this would be a part of the nursery she would really enjoy doing with me…I eagerly waited. 😉

When she finally arrived (hey, I did say I was eager), I showed her what Scott and I had accomplished over the weekend.  She was astonished and excited to see how much progress we made that weekend. We pulled out all the bags of baby stuff and started to go through it.  The clothing had to be separated into colored piles for the wash and there were a lot of odds and ends to go through.  The clothing ended up being a bigger task then I had anticipated because I also had planned for us to work on painting the trim and door.  Ah, haha yeah that wasn’t going to happen..

There were a bunch of board games that I wanted to store in the baby’s closet as I really didn’t have any where else to put them.  We transferred all of the games (about 40+ games) from our bedroom to the nursery closet and ended up filling almost three shelves on the left side of the closet.  It was an eye-sore to say the least, didn’t really fit with the whole ‘baby’ theme…  At the top of the closet there was a shelf that went across the top, I figured using my *tetris master* skills I could fit all the board games on the top shelf.  Why not?  Leaving me to it, she returned 5 minutes later and was shocked to see me shuffling the last of the games into their places.  All of the games fit on the top shelf!  YEAH!  It was definitely a lot less obtrusive.  Success!  The way the top shelf was positioned, only a few inches of the board games were ‘visually’ exposed and that I figured could be hidden by a valance.

The clothing organization, folding, hanging, and washing/drying ended up taking a lot longer than I had planned.  Especially with the added challenge of trying to figure out how to organize clothing by ‘months’ because not knowing how big the baby would be when she was born nor how fast she would grow, I bought all sorts of ‘ages/sizes’.  Talk about confusing~ The time was flying fast and we were able to fold and store most of the clothes, with question to how they’d actually be organized once the nursery was completed.  I’m sure there would be other purchases that help organize even further.  I was happy that all the clothing was clean and that we got our bedroom back (for the most part).

For dinner, I made a recipe I had worked on over the weekend-Puttanesca.  I decided to make brownies with the ‘cheez-cake’ too so that night was really busy with me flying around making 3 recipes at once and by the time we sat down I was completely exhausted.  Luckily there was food in store!  After dinner, I was curious what we were celebrating?  The room?  It wasn’t finished yet, maybe the closet?  She smiled and got ready for this ‘festive-event’ which we had no idea to what she was talking about when she had us follow her to her car.  She revealed the surprise and pulled out all sorts of gifts and balloons from her car for her surprise~ baby shower! 🙂

Baby Shower

Ahh she’s so SWEET!  She knew that we weren’t sure if we were going to do a baby shower, since most of our friends and family live very far away.  She took it upon herself to throw us one herself!  Both of us were so touched and felt so blessed to have her in our lives.  You can read more about the Surprise Baby Shower.

Tuesday: I purchased a whole bunch of baskets in hopes that it would help us organize the closet better with the piles of clothing we had folded the day before.  While it definitely helped put the clothing in some sort of an arrangement, it also made it even more obvious that there were still to many pieces out of play to really plan out the organization.  Kind of a bummer because I really LOVE when things have their places.  (must.. have.. patience) She and I worked for a bit before she left and then I spent the rest of the day taking it easy and preparing the nursery for the second half to be painted.  That required lining the walls with drop cloth and taping off the closet.  Later that night, Scott and I sat down and went through all the books and finalized the last two scenes for the remaining walls.  Choosing our favorites from the books and narrowing it down, we found some good ones!!  Sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeep.

Wednesday: Draft time!  No not beer.  I got my pencil and started to draw out the lines for everything I would be painting.  Lots of drawing.  It’s always a good idea to do this before painting to make sure that the sizing matches up and everything has a good flow to it.  You’ll notice that while doing this you can work out the kinks much easier than during the midst of painting.  I did this for the first two walls too.  However, the remaining two walls (and one corridor area) required a LOT more detail.  This took all day.

Thursday: No time for work on the nursery.  This month I decided that I would alternate Thursday’s with my schedule. The routine with January was every Thursday,  I would have voice lessons, therapy, and yoga back to back.  In order to give me more time to complete the nursery, I alternated that schedule to every other week.  So far, it’s really been helpful.  Next Thursday, Nana is coming over again to help and I get yoga this week!  During the introduction time in the circle, we introduce ourselves, say how far along we are in the pregnancy, and talk about any pains or issues we are having in the pregnancy currently.  I mentioned that while I am not having any pains, I am feeling the exhaustion of pregnancy.  How I can’t keep up with what I normally do.  The yoga instructor, whom is also a birth doula (with 5 kids of her own) told us that the best thing we can do is to allow ourselves to do what we can and be okay with that.  We are creating a baby inside of us and a lot of our energy is being used to do that, what we can accomplish on the outside should focus around patience.  When we have our baby, we will be happy that we were able to brush our teeth and shower in the same day. 🙂

This gave me some perspective to reflect upon.

After the class, I spoke to the Yoga Instructor/Birth Doula about being my doula.  When I had signed up for yoga I had no idea who the instructor was, just that she was also a birth doula.  It was a wonderful surprise to find out that I had already met this woman and her whole family 5 years before at an eye clinic where I used to work in my past life.   You can learn a lot about people in a half day it takes to get all those exams!  I already knew she was an excellent mother but this opened up a whole new perspective of her.  She is very much into a holistic lifestyle and a lot of what she believes in, I also agree with so it seemed appropriate that I have that type of supporting person who can help both my husband and I through one of the most important life-changing events we’ll experience together.   I don’t have a lot of experience with pregnancy.  For the most part I think I avoided the topic altogether, considering I was under the impression that I’d never have any kids.  Both by choice and medically with having PCOS-being told it would be impossible for me to have kids ‘naturally’ (without medications or stressful procedures).  Having a doula would provide a lot of help and preparation for having a baby without taking on all the stress ourselves.  It’s nice to know options, to understand what choices we have and what to do to prepare for the birth of our baby- without having to do countless hours of research.  For that I am thankful that we have the ability to choose this option.

Friday: Thursday morning Scott and I discussed where we were going to go this weekend for Valentine’s Day weekend.  We decided on Glacier National Park, Montana!  He was planning on working a half-day (Friday) so we could prepare for our weekend road trip.  I dropped the dog off at the dog ranch (an amazing place for doggy boarding!) and headed to PCC for road food.  Because there were even more restrictions on what Scott could/could not eat I wanted to be extra prepared so we wouldn’t be too tempted at any organic markets along the way.  Scott prepped the Jeep when he got home, super cleaned it and got the winter gear bag ready.  I got food and other gear ready, as well as wrote a blog post so I could inform ya’ll that there would be no #Vote4Monday because I’d be on the road.

Saturday: Left around 7:20a.m. to Glacier National Park.  You can read about how we prepped for the road trip, in the post How to Avoid Sweets and Eat Healthy on the Road.
(I include road trip food and preparation tips too!)

Sunday: Glacier National Park hike and road trip both sides west/east, lots of beautiful pictures.

Monday: Road trip back home.  We left late enough that we were able to stop at a local toy shop in Kalispell, MT.  Such a sweet toy store too!  We found several cute things, especially this very cute fairy doll that our little girl can have even as a baby.  The doll, my natural good earth fairy, is for 0+ months and is made of natural organic cotton materials.  I was really excited that I found this store and was able to go in because we found a lot of unique treasures.  Including a mobile (from Germany), organic teething ring, and another organic toy.  If you are ever in this area, you should definitely check out the store: Imagination Station.

… already we miss you beautiful Montana!

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog!!


Nursery Update (End of Week One)

I hope everyone had a great and productive weekend- I know we definitely did! Saturday and Sunday was really productive at the Robert’s house.  For our plans over the weekend, we knew that we wanted to paint the closet and install the shelves.  Friday we spent some time trying to figure out what to paint in the closet as well as what to paint on the doors to the closet.  The closet doors were these very ugly bulky dark brown wood doors.  Because the theme of the room is so light and playful the doors and all the trim would need to be painted white to match.

Here are a few pictures so you can see for yourself:Wood-Trim-Collage

After thinking about it we decided that painting the closet doors white and then painting a theme over them still didn’t fit the ‘feeling’ of the room.  They really are just too bulky to keep around, so I suggested that we take them out and put curtains up instead.  Scott absolutely loved the idea of the closet doors being out of the room and that’s when doors of ideas literally opened for us as to what to do for the painting inside the closet! We were playing around with ideas of a cave inside, or a small village, but all that seemed too complicated for a closet that would end up having shelves and clothes hung up and the details would just get lost.  I even tried looking up ideas for closets online.  I typed: “Unique closet ideas” and all the results were about shelves and closet organization.  I did see a bright green background on one of the closets however, it seems that most people don’t really care about the closet.  I mean, it makes sense it is after all just a closet.  Though, wouldn’t it be cool if it was MORE than just a closet?

Unhappy with the options we allowed ourselves to sit on it overnight and played some video games to relax. Saturday was a new day and I brought out all the books and we started to look through them for ideas.  We kept coming up with pink and yellow and orange for colors, something bright and cheery.  THEN SCOTT FOUND THE PICTURE!  It was awesome.  Pink, yellow, and even some bright green.  I was in love! YES!  It was simple, yet unique enough to catch the eye when you opened up the curtains.  It was perfect AND it matched the theme for the rest of the room.  While I was finishing up one of the walls and painting the outlines, Mr. Awesome was painting the light pink bottom layer to the sky with a sponge roller and rag.  Then he painted the darker pink (clouds) with a rag over the light pink areas, keeping them more spontaneous.

Here’s the reference picture from the book: Book CLOSET

We’re only painting the backgrounds, no characters.  So, this scene will have the pink, yellow, and green. Keeping it simple for the closet.  Though I will be outlining the lines for the hills and doing some grass, no flowers, tree, mailbox, or bugs. 🙂 After he painted the sky, he worked on the yellow parts of the sky and the whole bottom had yellow as an undercoat.  We even did the inside of the closet too, so the entire closet was painted!  It looks awesome!  The grass and hills were outlined and by the end of Saturday we had completed the closet!  YEAH!

Sunday would prove another obstacle for putting in the shelving system, but for today, we’d celebrate and relax. We had a nice romantic dinner and made the recipe Gluten-free (pan fried) Cajun catfish and quick phad thai salad.  Lit candles and enjoyed an amazing meal!  For dessert we had some delicious raw vegan brownies!  I love to make it look like we’re really at a restaurant when we’re at home and dress up the plates all pretty.  We rarely eat out simply because almost every time we do we always end up not feeling well the next day.  After dinner we ‘went to the movies’ (aka our living room) and watched “Ender’s Game” while munching on popcorn.  A few months ago we finished reading the book together, so this was fun to see the book unfold visually.

Note:  If you plan on watching the movie and you haven’t read the book, I highly recommend reading the book first as, like most movies that play off of books, it misses a LOT of details.

Sunday we measured the closet and headed to home depot to pick out the closet shelves.  When we first moved into our house we installed two separate closet systems in the master bedroom using ‘closet maid’s’ solid version.  You install the brackets, shelves, and drawers and it all looks very pretty- and is a bitch to put up.  There is a lot of measuring, cutting,  and exactness you have to do to put up those types of shelves and both my husband and I agreed that next time we would just pay to have someone do it for us.  While we enjoyed the team work and bonding, it was just too much of a headache.  Like I said, it does look pretty once it’s done… There were two things I knew before going into the nursery closet project.  1. We are not doing the same shelves again and would choose something much simpler to put up.  2. We are most likely going to have to move the shelves around as she ages with her clothes changing lengths, from baby to toddler.  That left us with those adjustable wire shelving units that you can put up with brackets.  Not only is it an easier installation option it’s also an adjustable option!

Taking the measurements really helped but I could tell that we were pretty zootered from yesterday’s painting adventure-almost in a daze at home depot figuring out how to organize it all.

We ended up going with Closet Maid’s System at Home Depot, picking out (5) 84″ Shelf-Track Brackets, (10) 16″ brackets, (8) 12″ brackets, (5) 72″ x 16″ wire shelves, (3) 42″ x 12″ cut-at the store shelves,  (6) closet rod support brackets, (3) 5 foot closet rods, (2) mesh drawers, etc..etc.. You can find it all here: home depot’s closet organization

That was after some on-the-spot math to measure everything out and plan it out.  We had no idea what to plan for until we got there, but luckily we took enough measurements to make everything work out sound.  All the equipment for the closet installation came to about $400! *yikes*  Although it’s not THAT bad considering the options that were out there.

If you get home installation it usually runs about $2000+ depending on what options you get. All-in-all I felt like we did a pretty darn good job!  We got all the pieces we needed and when we got home we didn’t have to run back to Home Depot for things we ‘forgot’ because we didn’t forget anything! YAY!  Win/Win! It took us about 2 hours to install and was a LOT easier than the previous closets.  Now we have a beautiful closet system to match the beautiful paintings!  Also, the wire closet allows you to see a lot of the background and it’s just a really awesome closet.  Can’t wait to show you when it’s all done!!!

Thanks for reading my blog post, hope you enjoyed!

Pregnancy Week 21

This week, I’ve been hard at work on the nursery.  So far I’ve got 2 walls and 1/3 ceiling close to being done.  I still have a closet, another wall, the closet wall, inside the closet (ceiling/walls) and the area by the window.  Sounds like a lot but it will end up getting done soon enough.  Monday Nana comes over and is going to help paint, hopefully I’ll have the other two walls done so she can paint the trim and then the door white.  Lots to do.

This weekend Mr. husband and I will be working on the nursery mostly focusing on the closet.  For a while I was trying to figure out what to do with the closet doors, they are really bulky and kinda ugly.  We could paint them OR we could put up some cute curtains.  Curtains win! 🙂  I kind of toyed with different things to paint in the closet, but then realized that it’s a closet and once the shelving is in no one is going to see it.  Instead we’ll paint it some fun bright yellow/orange colors and then install the closet system.  I’m actually really excited about getting the closet finished because that means I can hang up and organize the closet even sooner! *eee*

I’ve been taking pictures of the progress of the nursery and I’ll post them once everything is complete.  I like work to be seen once it’s completed.  🙂

As for the pregnancy, I am feeling her move around more and more.  Her kicks are getting a little stronger but I still can’t feel them on the outside.  I’m getting more round and my hunger is pretty much the same as it was last week.  My face still seems to be the same size and my belly is getting harder.  I think she may be moving up a little this week too, which is good as she was nestling really low down there.  I can tell that I don’t have as much energy as normal.  While painting a room is normally pretty exhausting, I can definitely feel the difference.  I’m quite literally zapped of everything.  It’s like when I wake up, I’m allotted a certain amount of umph! for the day and should I choose to do that painting well…good luck for the rest of the day!

I term that feeling Zootered. 😉
(Although I just looked up the exact definition of “zootered” as I thought I just made it up.. and there’s actually a definition for it from urban dictionary.  For the record, no drugs or alcohol were used in the process of my being zootered.)

Picture from this week-Pregnancy Week 21.


As for life, I’ve still been working on getting the odds & ends together around the house.  The house has gotten even messier with the nursery being worked on.  Our room has a lot of stuff in it that I can’t wait to put back into the nursery once the room is completed.  There is still much to do before the baby arrives but we’re all so very excited!  I found this really cute monkey toy which will be her second toy purchased, the first was a rubber ducky that tells whether the bath water is too hot. (pretty nifty stuff!)

It’s ALSO getting closer to that time of the year, love-day!  (although, I do not limit love-day to only one time a year.  It’s just another fun holiday to me.)

I really wanted to schedule a romantic hot-air balloon ride which would have been even cuter since one of the scene’s in the nursery is of a hot-air balloon, but the prices are really high!   $600-$900.  Not going to happen, not with all the baby shopping still left to do.  However, it would be really awesome!  🙂  We’ll probably be going on a road trip and do something cute.  Sometimes just going with the flow and seeing where the road takes you can lead to fun adventures.

Does anyone have any exciting plans for Valentine’s day??

Thanks for reading my blog!

The Nursery and coming up with a theme! (The beginning)

When we first started to look around at nursery ideas Scott and I were a little disappointed to say the least.  Our tastes are a bit more eclectic than the average person and it doesn’t help that I’m an artist through to the soul.

Besides health and nutrition, my other passion is painting.  I love painting!  I’ve been thinking about creating another (separate) blog that will have all my artwork featured in it as a gallery only, that’s in the future.  For now, I’m focusing on completing tasks at hand and there is plenty to do!  I really don’t need to add to that plate, but it is a goal of mine!

Back to the nursery ideas…We saw a few things that were cute but most left us feeling empty.  I wanted to feel connected to the story and the life that was surrounding our little baby as she grew into a little girl.  I also wanted something that aligned with who we were as people too.  Something magical and fun!  When I was a little girl, I would escape into my imaginary world and create all sorts of magical things that surrounded me.  As an adult, I have the power to do that in real life and what better place than to express that magical land than my very own daughter’s room??

While shopping at Whole foods, Scott and I came across a book series with artwork that really appealed to both of us.  The books were next to these stuffed characters that looked like the front cover of the books.  I couldn’t put my finger on it, but every time I went to the store and walked past it I was really drawn to the books.  I hadn’t even read them, yet!

A couple weeks after looking through nursery ideas and not finding anything, I finally let it go.  I was tired of thinking about it and I told Scott that I’m just going to let it come to me.  I think he even mentioned that concept a few times during the moments I was really overthinking it.  So, I did.  I left it up to the Universe to guide me as I was open and willing.

The next day while at Whole Foods I saw that book again.  This time I walked up to the book and decided I was going to read it.

The monster in the bubble

I opened the book and immediately I was draw to the life of the colors and artwork.  As I continued to read I started to recognize the emotions that this monster was feeling and of course began to cry.  *cleanup on aisle 9*

It was truly a touching book.  The story was inspirational and explored emotions in a very playful yet serious way.  No doubt I was getting this book and there were many other books too!   Then it hit me…the nursery theme should be THIS!  Excited I couldn’t wait to see my husband so I could purpose this idea.  I knew he had already enjoyed the artwork but I wanted him to connect to the story too!  So, at home we sat on the couch and then I read it aloud to him.  Of course I did tear up while reading it too. (I wonder if I’ll be able to read it to the little one without crying…)  I think I even saw a tear in my husband’s eyes.

Well, needless to say he agreed and the next day I went on the Worry Woo website and ordered the first big purchase for the nursery… the theme!  🙂  I ordered all the books and all the stuffed animals that went with the books.  So you can imagine I was excited when the BOX arrived!!

Worry Woo BoxWorry Woo Wince Back of PosterWorry Woo Bag

Worry Woo Open Collection

Worry Woo Wall hangings 2 Worry Woo Wall hangings

There was a poster and a bag included that I didn’t specifically order.  The bottom 2 pictures are prints on canvas of each character that was available, only 4 of the 6.  I’ll keep my eye out for the other 2 as they may be in production!

So, let’s introduce the characters…

I must start with the inspiration of all to come Mr. Squeek the monster of innocence.
Isn’t he SO cute!?

Worry Woo 5

Next monster, Miss Nola the monster of loneliness…

Worry Woo 2

and Rue, he’s the monster of insecurity…

Worry Woo 1

Fuddle, the monster of confusion…

Worry Woo 3

Wince, the monster of worry AND the worry bug as the worry bug!

Worry Woo 4

and last but not least Twitch, the monster of frustration…
(coming soon, I got the stuffed character but for some reason not the book, book is on order)

So, as you can see there are a lot of monsters!  Something also tells me that the author isn’t going to stop making monsters either, so hopefully this will be something we can collect over the years!  🙂

When I first came up with the idea, I knew that I wanted to have the characters on a shelf on the wall next to the animal that corresponded with the book, but what I didn’t know was that I would be SO inspired by the book that not only would it be the general theme, I’d paint the walls to match some of the scenes from the books!  That’s where the artist in me gets to jump for joy at this awesome challenge!

This week, I’ve cleared off my calendar (for the most part) and I’ve been prepping and working on the room that will be the nursery!

Fortunately, the room was a guest room and not something like an office.

A picture of our guest room, one last time before it is transformed.  *sniff* part of me will miss you guest room.  The other part of me is READY for the new adventure!! WOO HOO!

(The paintings were done by yours truly)

Except, after a lot of baby shopping needing a place to store things for the house transformation, the guest room ended up looking like this:


Moving on from the guest room will be a wonderful thing because the room will actually have SO much more life in it!  We’ll be getting a daybed that she can move to after her crib days and that way when Nana comes, she’ll have a place to sleep.  🙂

Grandpa will too, if he ever finds time to make it across the country! 😉

This is the start of the process of transforming the guest room into a nursery!  I’ll keep you posted with updates so you can watch the transformation unfold before your very eyes.  This week, I’ll be very busy with painting and working on the nursery.  The next post I’ll show you the tools I got and setting everything up to paint.

Thanks for reading my blog, talk to ya’ll soon!