What’s in YOUR fridge?

Personal update

Phew!  This week has been pretty tiring to say the least.  I’ve been running around trying to prep the house so I can move to phase 2 for the baby’s room. Phase 1 was to find a theme.  After searching around for a couple weeks, my husband and I finally figured out what we wanted for our little girl’s room.  Needless to say, we’re super excited about it!  The theme is based off of something that really called to us and is very original.  A big plus, I get to use my creative/artistic talents to really work on the room!! Woohoo!  I’m going to love sharing it with everyone as I complete mini-steps to the larger steps.  I’ll share the theme once I receive the package with the main theme components in it. 🙂

This weekend we are driving to Renton, Wa to visit Ikea.  There, we will be picking up a daybed for the nursery (for when we have family over) and maybe a few other things for around the house to finish the odds&ends for what needs to be done.  Christmas decorations away, curtains hung, miscellaneous shelves put in, etc..etc.  I also want to get the house ready for the ‘spring/summer’ look as I know I will be very busy this summer, fall & winter!  Then it’s on to Phase 2, while I chug away at school, research, blog, cookbook, and books I need to read.  Challenging stuff but couldn’t be more excited about doing it all!

Cookbook update

Lately, I’ve been reading some of the research books I need to complete for a class I’m taking.  I am learning a ton and I even found some major components to the backing for the cookbook.  As you know there is a ton of information out there regarding health, diets, research, scientific stuff, and all kinds of ways to eat and live life.  However, my cookbook really focuses on the basics of being in the kitchen and knowing how to cook really good healthy food.  Though it’s fun and easy to do many of these recipes they are also very well-balanced in nutrition and healing the body by the foods we eat.  I also want to help guide people in the right direction with research information too.  Things I recommend that help build a foundation of knowledge for those who want to really dig their fingers in deeper to some of the principles I discuss in the book.  That has almost been the single most important concept that I want to drive home with the overall message that one gets in reading the cookbook.  Yes, I want to discuss and reveal awesome recipes, it is after all a cookbook, but I want to also help people understand that it’s also a great foundation tool for building a healthy lifestyle.

Many people I run into want to eat healthy, some love to cook, and others want to succeed in some health related goal.  Whatever the motivation is, I really bring all of those together in the cookbook with these recipes and the information prior to the recipes.  I teach a lot of concepts that can help people lose weight, cook healthier, and help ignite the creative juices that give ultimate freedom in the kitchen (i.e. not needing a recipe for everything that’s cooked and just knowing how to use the ingredients.) I’m big on that.  I want each person to be able to open their fridge or pantry and without hesitation know what they want to cook.  I do that in this cookbook, which is why it’s also challenging to write.  There’s a lot of research, case studies, and daily living that goes into this cookbook to create the formula I use for the recipes. (That’s another way of saying a lot of blood, sweat, and tears without the brutality.)

Eating healthy and making healthy choices

Which brings me to my next topic.  When I first wanted to change the way I ate, I remember thinking to myself “how the heck do people have a fridge full of vegetables?”  What do these people make for their meals? Salads all day?  How is it even possible?  This is coming from a background, like many people where bread, pasta, dough, and other grains were used to represent 50-75% of the meal, while the other 25-50% was a protein and sometimes vegetables were present.  At most veggies played a 5-10% existence in many of those meals.  This isn’t uncommon for the vast majority of people.  In fact, I often experience these similar situations from a lot from my clients and various people I talk to.  Frozen meals are common, eating out is more of a daily ritual, and cooking is putting together packaged meals.  If you look back on history and the development since the Industrial Revolution, it totally makes sense!  How it happened.

However, with more and more diseases becoming a common theme in every household and prescription drugs being the ‘remedy’ a lot of us are turning back to the ways of our grandparents and their grandparents.  We want to know how to make things ourselves.  The revolution of people making their own home remedies or using homeopathic resources to heal their body is becoming much more common.  We’re learning the importance of taking care of ourselves and starting to question western medicine and the foods we eat.  It’s quite remarkable and I’m so happy to be a part of such an important time in history.  The part where people decide the future for their kids and grandkids.  What do you want for your future?  More organic foods?  Hand-made items?  Farmers markets?  Homeopathic medicine?  Naturopath doctors?  Home remedies? Whatever it is, we’re starting to wake-up to the blindfolds that society has given us and realize that we ARE in control of our own health.

Rant about the current healthcare crisis: We do NOT have to suffer these ailments and diseases, though some of us might be more susceptible hereditarily to certain types of sicknesses, diseases, or ailments, it does not necessarily that we WILL have them.  Just that fact right there, can be inspirational to many of us.  Having a future decided for us based on a past we were given, doesn’t make any sense.  Not now, not with all this information and research that’s been done on how to ‘heal’ the body.  That is heal the body, not cover-up underlying issues so they continue to progress un-noticed. What’s happening when you go to the doctor with heartburn is a quick-fix antacid that ‘relieves’ the symptoms or when you have high blood-pressure and they give you ‘blood pressure medication’.  It doesn’t solve the underlying issues or address the more impending problems that may cause even greater problems later on in life.  Unfortunately, most doctor’s don’t have time and are not paid to care if you have heartburn to ask the more appropriate questions of why your stomach isn’t producing enough hydrochloric acid to digest the foods your eating or whether or not you are in a chronic state of acidosis.  With those who have high blood-pressure, digging deeper to find out Why the arterial walls have plaque and whether the patient’s diet consists of highly refined foods again looking at the acid/alkaline balance in the blood or using their Doctor like powers to recommend supplements or put patients on the proper diet to help heal their body. I’d like a doctor to be real to a patient and say “Look, this is the diet you need to be on, these are the supplements you need to take, and these are the exercises you need to do daily to heal your high blood-pressure.  Then, after 3 months we’ll visit again and look at your progression.”  To the patients who are ‘healing’ the doctor should adjust their diet or make decisions that address the patient’s concerns.  To the patient’s who don’t get better or just want the quick-fix then the doctor should have a real serious discussion: “If I put you on blood pressure medication, your life expectancy could drop 20+ years.  Your also putting a lot of pressure on your circulatory system which affects all the other systems in your body, including your nervous system, which does affect your brain and of course increases your chances of stroke significantly.  Taking blood pressure medication, will only ‘stall’ your body long enough where the plaque has to continue growing to restrict the flow even more, when that happens, chances of clotting are significant, even with the medication.  Not to mention, you are also compromising your immune system and increasing risk to coronary disease and countless other diseases.”  Those are the real conversations that happen in medical school, the doctor’s know what the risks are but fail to deliver that information to the patient.  Why?  To many reasons to write in this ‘rant’ section of the blog.  I will say two things, one- the obvious, I’m very passionate about this topic and two- no matter what the reason is that the doctor fails to prevent disease and focus on ‘healing’ the patient, the reason/s are not in-line with the fundamental principle that all doctor’s and medical professionals are taught in school which is “first, do no harm to the patient“.  Of course that can be taken out of context to all hell, but one theme remains: covering up a problem IS causing more harm to the patient, period. But..the doctor is the one with the degree right, he has to be looking out for your health, right?  I wish that were true in all cases.  No matter what, here’s the main thing I want to really drive home.  If you can’t get answers from your doctor or your doctor is quick to just hand you some sort of ‘answer’ via prescription drug or equivalent.  Find out more information before believing that the doctor has your best interests in hands.  You have the right to the answers to your questions.  It is your right, not privilege, to have more than 15 minutes with your doctor without feeling rushed. (Keep in mind, you are the one paying for the doctor’s time and services.)  It is also your right to contact another doctor, if you don’t like the one you’ve got, get a new one and I recommend turning to a Naturopath doctor.  Not all of them are treated the same, but you should treat your doctor, the one who is your guide to better health, at minimum the same as you would a restaurant.  If the food they are handing you is under/over cooked, tastes like shit, or is served half-assed do you go back to the same restaurant again?  If the doctor is giving/not-giving you the answers to your questions, gives you a prescription, or doesn’t seem to care about you, why would you go back to the same doctor again?  M.D. doesn’t indicate that you’re Married to the Doctor, it means they are qualified to give you the answers you deserve or at least guide you in the right direction.  If they choose not to, choose someone else who will. –end rant.

Back to eating healthy.  I didn’t find my answers to how people had a fridge full of produce and healthy foods until I questioned my doctors.  Struggling with weight problems, mood swings, anxiety attacks, emotional distress, hypothyroidism, PCOS and the related symptoms of PCOS (which are onset from the time of puberty) I hit a wall with these doctors.  I kept getting the same answers and as time passed, the symptoms and problems got worse.  The next thing I know, I am diagnosed with PCOS.  I’ve got a laundry list of prescription drugs, as well as a nutritionist who’s giving me a ‘guide-to-eat’ healthy that I’ve been following for years that got me to this point.  It was as if every road I tried to take lead me down the same path.  The answers the doctors were giving me were nothing about nutrition and instead were about covering up the issues.  I didn’t even have diabetes and I was being prescribed with metformin, because being diagnosed with PCOS, based off research of PCOS being a pre-cursor to diabetes, I was next in line to diabetes.  Had I not questioned THAT.  I’d still be taking that laundry list of prescription drugs-for life as well as STILL struggling with my weight and all the associated problems of this PCOS which according to my doctor (at the time) was un-curable.  I just had to deal with it and learn to work around my weight.  That was a pill I wouldn’t take.  I refused to be unhappy for the rest of my life, I refused to ‘settle’ with that answer and I looked elsewhere for answers.  When I did, a whole new world opened up for me and I learned a lot about the body.  I learned a lot about PCOS and many other diseases, ailments, and symptoms people suffer from ‘without’ a diagnosis.  To that, I’m very happy that I found happiness in healing my body and my PCOS.
However, I realize that there are so many people who like me, were told very similar stories from their doctor and the more I listened to others the more I learned this to be a very hard fact.  I wasn’t alone and there were many people who still were suffering, which fast-forward to today I am set on a mission to do something about.  That’s why I’m writing a cookbook, that’s why I’m a nutritionist, and that’s why our fridge is jam-packed with healthy foods…
My Fridge

AND I know what to do with them!
(and it’s not salads for every meal either-not even close!).

I’ve helped heal many other people too and I want to help even more!  We should all be able to open our fridge full of produce and healthy foods, and know JUST what to do with it!   It’s my goal to help start that process with this cookbook series I’m creating. 🙂

If you have any questions or would like to share your story too, please feel free to do so in the comments section below!

I’d love to hear or help in any way I can. 🙂

Hope you enjoyed today’s post.  Have a fantastic weekend and do something awesome for your body!


Cookbook (IN PROGRESS)

Typewriter OLD

Creating a cookbook isn’t as easy as some may think, at least not the way I’m going about it.  I’m having to do much more research then I anticipated.  Mostly due to the premise of the cookbook and the information with guidelines it entails.  I also want to include references to other cookbooks and educational references that will help those with specific ailments or diseases prior to using my cookbook.  Since the premise of my cookbook is getting people back into the kitchen, those with more severe health issues like “leaky-gut”, Autism, auto-immune disease, Crohn’s disease, and other various disease will need different types of biological therapies prior to ‘getting back into the kitchen’ so to speak.  For example, “leaky-gut syndrome” or increased intestinal permeability need to eat more of an anti-inflammatory diet or depending on the severity may need to follow Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride recommendation of following the intro to the GAPS (Gut and Psychology Syndrome Introduction) diet.  However, for those who are looking to lose weight, eat less processed foods, eat more whole organic foods, get more nutrition in their diet, and overall learn how to cook and stock their kitchen healthy, I’ll be able to help right away with this cookbook.  I’ll even uncover a lot of those more serious issues that may be unknown as individuals begin to uncover and learn more about their own body.  Because I am a nutritional therapist, I do care about obtaining homeostasis, though without a diagnosis it makes finding a resolution for eating right (for each individual) a little more challenging.  That’s why I start with the basics and work from there.  In many cases this cookbook will help a lot of people who are suffering from depression, anxiety, mood swings, acid reflux, weight gain, PCOS, headaches, dry skin, dry scalp, hypothyroidism, eczema, yeast infections, and much more.  Some lesser and some more, depending on the severity of the prognosis. I’ll include recommended supplements and life style ‘changes’ that really help with many of the issues that cause these day-to-day symptoms.  Again, some of these are much more severe than others, which is why it’s important to do the research so that I may help others find their way.  It’s surprising at how many symptoms are caused by ‘simple’ digestive issues, however depending on the severity of the digestive issues other sources may be required.

I’m looking forward to being able to reach out to a lot of these naturopath doctors, nutritional therapists, and dieticians who have found alternative ways of resolving a lot of these diagnosis.  If you ever have a question about your health, it’s a great idea to see a naturopath doctor.  Though, not all ND’s are the same so it’s very important to do your research and find out what each naturopath doctor may specialize in.  Also, some ND’s may believe in western medicine and use it as a worst case scenario and other ND’s may be a little more flexible in using western medicine for resolving issues.  The biggest tip I can provide is find the doctor that best suits you, one that is willing to answer your questions and take the time to explain their answers.  I always search for a thorough doctor, one that really knows their stuff and is willing to look for the root cause of a symptom.  You’ll find that most ND’s will take time to answer your questions and find out more about the situation before coming up with a ‘solution’.  Also, don’t be afraid to have more than one ND or at least get a second opinion.  Some have more experience than others in certain areas so it’s always great to get a second opinion.