Coconut Secret Teriyaki Sauce (Raw, Vegan, Gluten Free, Low Glycemic, Organic, Non-Gmo)

Teriyake Sauce

A Teriyaki Sauce that’s pre-made, safe and GOOD for me?  No, it can’t be!  Yes.. yes it can and IS.

I recently stumbled upon this product while looking through the website to replenish my stock of the liquid Fermented Cod Liver Oil-cinnamon flavored supplement.  I’ve found that this particular website has some of the best prices for ‘healthy alternatives, supplements’ and offers free shipping over $50.  Since the cod oil is $43 on this site, instead of the $60+ on amazon or the $44.50 +shipping on Green Pasture’s website, I figured it was definitely worth it to check around to see what new unique products are on the market.

That’s when I stumbled upon this secret!  I religiously use the other coconut secret products, especially the raw secret coconut vinegar.  They taste good and they are really healthy for you.  In the teriyaki sauce there are no preservatives, no additives, and the ingredients are sound: organic Coconut Sap, sea salt, organic ginger, organic onion, organic garlic, organic cayenne pepper.  You can’t really ‘organify’ sea salt just like you can’t ‘organify’ honey since Mother Nature is completely in control and all.   Organify = certify as organic by USDA standards.  (and really how can they charge mother nature $10,000/year for making it?  Uh.. yo nature, pay up to certify/prove this is organic.)  If only mother nature could talk…  then again, the things she’d say to the human race… “you b*tches petroleum was MY fossil fuel!”  Okay bad jokes aside.

The company has already proved to me that they have good intentions and the ingredients gave me confidence that I could give it a try.  Really happy I did too! It’s DELICIOUS!  I do love teriyaki but because so many sauces on the market are just really unhealthy and contain a lot of crap.  I don’t buy them.  (Crap like: wheat, processed soy, additives, high amounts of sugar, high amounts of sodium, non-organic, etc..etc..)  I usually make my own.  I haven’t made my own ‘teriyaki’ yet, but I have made sweet sauces similar to this.  I also love to buy products so I can get a taste for it and then make my own recipe from it.  It’s not necessarily the exact flavor but it inspires me!  Something you benefit from when you buy my cookbook.  🙂

Note to the Teriyaki enthusiast: If you are a teriyaki snob… it probably won’t do it for you.  First of all, it’s far less salty than your typical teriyaki sauce.  Second, it doesn’t have the crap (explained above) you’re most likely addicted to.  You don’t give Teeccino to a coffee lover and say “it tastes just like coffee”.  No, no you don’t.  That caffeine addiction is like no other!  😉

Note to the allergy sufferer: If you’ve been ostracized from enjoying some good teriyaki, this will do it for you.  Some of us have been going years without teriyaki in our bellies.  We’ve practically lost hope that anyone will just make a wholesome healthy teriyaki!  Well my friend, this product will quench your teriyaki thirst! You will know that it’s not the real teriyaki… but you won’t care.  It’s damn close enough.

Quick Rating:  Quality: 5/5, Healthiness: 5/5, Taste: 4.5/5

Quality: Meets USDA standards as certified organic.  They do NOT add additives, preservatives and other crap.  It’s wholesome basic ingredients. 

Healthiness:  Compared to other teriyaki sauces the sodium is SIGNIFICANTLY less/serving and the sugar is from a low-glycemic sugar (also a low number).  The health benefits of coconut sap contain minerals and vitamins that are also very good for the health of your body.

Taste: While it does taste amazingly delicious, there are a few things that I would have added to make it taste even better.  This is where I say, look for my cookbook (when it releases) to see for yourself. Hey, give me credit…I gotta give myself some hype before the cookbook releases! 😉